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Guide to Zeke's Vanilla Ice Quest


Zeke can be found in the commons of Polaris. He's hard to miss. For his quest, you will have to collect four Vanilla Ices for Zeke. Ice ice, baby!


Inside the Imperial Palace dungeon, it's found in the last room of the palace next to the throne in the corner of the room.

Walruskberg Harbor

Inside Inspector Clooso's instance, it's hidden away behind crates and fishing stuff on your right.

Forlorn Taig

River of Frozen Tears

Inside the Statue Garden Dungeon, the final battle circle. You will have to fight and defeat Baba Yaga to be able to get to it.

It's not that hard to miss. It's next to the waterfall and to the cliff wall hiding behind a tree and a bush.

Urville Station

Near the entrance to the Frigid Maw area, behind a wagon

Frigid Maw

Just run straight, then follow the tracks. When you come to a fork, take the right one and when the track ends, go left and keep going. when you hit another fork, go left and left again, it's right there.