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A Guide To Socket Wrenches

Socket Wrenches allow you to socket a jewel for free!

If you have any information where one is dropped, please let us know the name of the socket and location along with who dropped it.

Simply let us know by emailing us at or tweeting @KelseyFireheart. We will credit you for it. Thank you!

Thanks to the following contributors:

Michael Moonhunter, Seffers, Artie, xRevertions, Stephanie Shadowstalker, Nicholas GoldSmith

Big thanks to Tasha aka tkgib for pictures and drop info

Novice's Socket Wrenches

Up To Gear Level 30+

  • Krokopatra, Temple of Storms, Krokotopia
  • Meowiarty, Big Ben, Marleybone


Adept's Socket Wrenches

Expert's Socket Wrenches

Up To Gear Level 55+

Up To Gear Level 75+

  • Mika Sharka, Mooshu Garden Dojo, Mooshu
  • Jade Oni, Jade Palace, Mooshu

  • Tse-Tse Snaketail, Mirror Lake, Zafaria


Master's Socket Wrenches

Artisan's Socket Wrenches

Up To Gear Level 95

Up to Gear Level 100

  • Pendragon, Outer Yard, Avalon
  • Malistaire the Undying, Xiabialta, Twin Giants, Azteca

  • Morganthe, Shadow Palace, Khrysalis