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Witch's Hoard Pack

New Witch's Hoard Pack has arrived in the Crown Shop! 399 crowns will get you neat of stuff like a new witch hut mount, tons of pretty neat Polarian furniture, even a Polarian music player. But my favorite was the Pinoguin furniture who are actually live chars that dances and celebrates.

Thanks to Calamity Pixieshade & Nathan Shadowmancer for helping me with some of the gear stats pictures! 

Mount - Waddling Witch Hut

The brand new Waddling Witch Hut is an *Epic* mount that you can have the chance to win from the new hoard pack! This pack offers a bonus 2% Power pip chance! Neat!

Pingouin Citizens Furniture

You can have the Pingouins dancing and showing off their style within your homes!

Dancing Pingouin Laundress
Ecstatic Pingouin Dancer
Elated Pingouin Seamstress
Pingouin Patriote
Flag-Waving Pingouin
Joyous Pingouin Dockworker
Liberated Pingouin
Pingouin Newsie


Be warned, a lot of the furniture are no auction at the moment.

Polarian Music Player
Walruskberg Palace Painting
Walruskberg Portrait
Portrait of Frozen Tears
Polarian Shipwreck Painting
Witch's Hut Painting
Extra Large Fish Cart
Icy Patch
Stacked Ice Blocks
Tip of Polarian Iceberg
Frozen Fish Block
Icy Polarian Shrub
Polarian Birch Tree
Patriote Graffiti
Walkrusk Empress Caricature
Walruskberg Window
Walrusk Vanity
Walrusk Potted Plant
Walrusk Wooden Settee
Walrusk Officer's Desk
Walkrusk End Table
Small Walkrusk Chair
Walrusk Feasting Table
Walrusk Rug
Walrusk Travel Trunk
Simple Walruskberg Lamp Post
Grand Walruskberg Lamp Post
Walrusk Round Table
Witch's Hut Painting
Walruskberg Guard Booth
Snowy Walruskberg Guard Booth

Brand New Polarian Music Player

Music Scrolls

Walruskberg Theme
Polaris Rasputin Combat Theme
Polaris Ice Block Theme
Polaris Mine Theme
Polaris Frozen Forest Theme
Walruskberg Liberated Theme
Walkruskberg Combat Theme
Polaris Gulag Combat Theme
Polaris Baba Yaga Theme
Arcanum Theme

Castle Blocks

Wood Arch Block
Wood Post Block
Lg Wood Wall Block
Md Wood Wall Block
Wood Corner Block
Wood Window Block


Wildwood Yeti
Ice Floe Siren
Ice Cat
Arctic Serpent
Ice Salamander
Snow Beast
Ice Elf
Arctic Ninja Pig

Pet Snacks

Rank 8
Frozen Snails, Fire

Rank 7
Frozen Pergories, Myth
Mustachios, Balance
Fried Ice Cream, Myth
Tricera-pops, Storm
Avocado Milkshake, Ice

Rank 6
Double Popsicle, Ice
Iced Crab Claws, Ice
Veggie Juice, Storm
Polaris Fries, Ice
Cold Snap Peas, Ice

Rank 5
Satyr Chow
Penne Dreadful, Death
Eye Candy, Myth
Hot Cross Buns, Fire
Beast Wellington, Life

Rank 4
Chilly Con Queso, Ice
Huge Ice Cream, Death

Rank 2
Troggy Taffy, Death

Rank 1
Popsicle, Ice

Treasure Cards

Ashen Bones - Fire - 250 + 1000 Fire Damage Over 3 Rounds
Yellow Troll - 200 Myth Damage and +35% to Next Myth Spell
Death Troll - 180 - 220 Death Damage
Astraphobia - Storm - +25% Storm Pierce, +25% Storm Critical
Age of Reckoning - Death - +25% Death Pierce, +25% Death Critical
Namaste - Life - +25% Life Pierce, +25% Life Critical
Combustion - Fire - +25% Fire Pierce, +25% Fire Critical
Counterforce - Balance - +25% Balance Pierce, +25% Balance Critical
Saga of Heroes - Myth - +25% Myth Pierce, +20% Myth Critical
Katabatic Wind - Ice - +30% Fire Pierce, +15% Fire Critical
Punklops - Myth - 300 Myth Damage and +40% to Next Myth and Ice Damage
Metalops - Death - 300 Death Damage and +40% to Next Death and Fire Damage
Rocklops - Life - 300 Life Damage and +40% to Next Life and Storm Damage
Death Helephant - Death - 365 - 425 Death Damage
War Helephant - Myth - 325 - 395 Myth Damage
Bronze Helephant - Life - 630-710 Life Damage
Witch's Housecall - Myth - 1092 - 1232 Myth Damage and Summon a Minion of Myth
Wings of Fate - Life - 525 Life Damage plus Health Over 3 Rounds
Nested Fury - Balance - 838-886 Fire, Ice or Storm Damage to All Enemies
Rusalka's Wrath - Storm - 1445 Storm Damage - +30% or minor chance - 30%
Winged Sorrow - Death - 850 - 1030 Death Damage and -30% Damage to Enemies
Raging Bull - Fire - 775-900 Fire Damage and -25% Accuracy to All Enemies
Snowball Barrage - Ice - 105 Ice Damage per Pip to All Enemies
Frostfang - Ice - 950 - 1050 Ice Damage + Elemental Shield on Self


White Tiger Lily
Orange Bell Pepper
Purple Bell Pepper
Red Bell Pepper
Yellow Bell Pepper
Bell Pepper
Snow Apples
Purple Snow Apples
Green Snow Apples
Boiled Peanuts
Evil Snow Peas
Queen Crape Myrtle
White Desparagus
Sugar Khrystal
Angora Bunny Ears
Goose Tree
Blue Huckleberries
Couch Potatoes
Frozen Fly Trap
White Laugh-o-dil


Gear in the Witch's Hoard Pack. Scuba Diver outfits!

Level 110+ Stats







Female Version of the Suit

Male Version of the Suit