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The Winterland Pack

The Winterland Pack was introduced during the 12 Days of Christmas of 2014.

Items that are in Italic are marked for being Brand New, Never Seen Before In-Game

Temporary Mounts

WinterGlide Skates - 1 Day

WinterGlide Skates - 7 Day

Red Candy Cane - 1 Day

Yellow Candy Cane - 1 Day

Mixed Candy Cane - 1 Day

Pink Candy Cane - 1 Day

Permanent Mounts

Green Candy Cane

Pink Candy Cane

Red Candy Cane

Yellow Candy Cane

Mixed Candy Cane

*Winterglide Skates


Evil Snow Peas

Frozen Fly Trap

Missile Toe

Happy Holidaisy

Snow Apples

Evil Snow Peas

Boon Tree


Frost Flower

Black Coal

Pet Snacks

Candy Bar - (Rank 3)


Gummy BloodBat - (Rank 4)

Nutty Candy Bar

Star Lollipop

Athame Pop

Glowing Rock Candy

Peanutbutter Cup

Egg Nog - (Rank 5)

Rock and Roll Candy

Gummy Humongofrog

Sourpuss Stovies - (Rank 6)

Assaulted Caramels

Cheese Cake

Gingerbread House

Candy-Caned Yams

Gingerbread Wizard - (Rank 7)

Simple Sugar Pop
Chili Peppermint
Ninja Figgy Pudding
Cry Babies
Hickory Chicory
Crystalweb Candy
Chocolate Comet

Crystal Bites - (Rank 8)
Bedrock Bombers

Treasure Cards

Evil Snowman
Jolted Snowman
Magma Man

Yuletide Tanks

Yuletide Tall Whopper Aquarium
Yuletide Large Whopper Aquarium

Music Scrolls

Carol of the Bells Theme
Deck the Halls Theme
Jingle Bells Theme



Yuletide Spirit

Christmas Elf

*Maple Moose

Housing Furniture

The regular Snowglobe is on the right and the new Grand Winter Globe is on the left. The Grand Winter Globe is a brand new item introduced in 2015. Both do make it snow in their small local area.

Festive Yuletree

Snowflake Rug

Galloping Reindeer Rug

Dancing Reindeer Rug

Yuletide Present Giver's Bed

Holiday Cranberry Sauce

Cream of Chicken Soup
Yuletide Peppermints
Yuletide Candy Canes
Holiday Fireplace
Winter Bed
Tallow Candles
Small Candle
Tree Wrapped Gift
Snowman Wrapped Gift
Polka Dot Wrapped Gift
Spiral Wrapped Gift
Tree Wrapped Gift
Spiral Wrapped Gift
Snowy Pine
Snow Basin
Small Snowy Tree
Large Snowy Maple Tree
Big Holiday Tree
Candle and Holder
Holiday Wreath
Small Snowflake
Green Holiday Ornament
Yellow Holiday Ornament
Grand Winter Globe

Snowbound Yuletide Decor
Gingerbread Wall Icing
Yuletide Wood Paneling
Holiday Striped Wallpaper
Night Snow Wallpaper
Fresh Powder Floor


Santa Hat

Santa Robe

Santa Shoes

Ornamental Paper Staff

Gingerbread Wand

Nutcracker Wand

Candle Wand

Level 110+ Winterland Gears

Thanks to Destiny Rain for help filling in the very last gear stats!

Hood of the Arund Vale
+500 MAX Health
+9% Pip Chance
+5% Universal Accuracy
+14% Universal Damage
+10% Ice Damage
Arund Vale Winter Raiment
+865 MAX Health
+11% Pip Chance
+6% Universal Accuracy
+112 Universal Block
+8% Ice Damage
+2% Stun Resist
Gives 1 Card
Freeze & Infallible
Arund Vale Showshoes
+385 MAX Health
+7% Pip Chance
+5% Universal Accuracy
+14% Universal Damage
+10% Ice Damage
+85 Universal Critical
Gives 1 Card
Ice Armor & Frost Giant
Beacon of the Arund Vale
+3% Universal Piercing
+58 Universal Block
+12% Ice Damage
+1 Pip Chance
Gives 6 Cards
Major Frostblight - 150 Ice Damage
Winter Solstice Cowl
+580 MAX Health
+9% Pip Chance
+12% Universal Damage
+10% Myth Damage
+5% Stun Resist
Winter Solstice Vesture
+730 MAX Health
+9% Pip Chance
+12% Universal Damage
+2% Shadow Pip
+3% Stun Resist
+116 Universal Block
Gives 1 Card
Freeze & Berserk
Winter Solstice Snowboots
+460 MAX Health
+7% Pip Chance
+9% Universal Resist
+97 Universal Critical
+12% Universal Damage
+14% Myth Damage
Gives 1 Card
Ice Armor & Power Nova
Winter Solstice Augury
+4% Universal Piercing
+58 Universal Critical
+8% Universal Damage
+1 Pip Chance
Gives 3 Cards
Ultra Arctic Sting - 150 Ice Damage
Ultra Blitz - 150 Myth Damage
Shroud of Icewind Glade
+615 MAX Health
+9% Pip Chance
+9% Universal Damage
+4% Life Incoming Damage
+9% Life Damage
+4% Outgoing Health
Icewind Glade Winterwraps
+777 MAX Health
+13% Pip Chance
+11% Incoming Health
+3% Shadow Pip
+4% Stun Resist
+125 Universal Block
+11% Outgoing Health
Gives 1 Card
Freeze & Mend
Icewind Glade Trekkers
+375 MAX Health
+9% Pip Chance
+9% Universal Damage
+4% Universal Incoming
+8% Life Damage
+80 Universal Critical
+4% Outgoing Health
Gives 1 Card
Ice Armor & Forest Lord
Auspice of Icewind Glade
+10% Life Damage
+1 Power Pip
+5% Universal Piercing
Gives 2 Cards
Snow Drift & Sprite Queen
Gives 3 Cards
Ultra Artic Sting - 150 Ice Damage
Ultra Rage - 150 Life Damage