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Wizard City Badges

Golem Tower Champion

Complete the Golem Tower dungeon

Hero of Unicorn Way

Complete all main quests in Unicorn Way

Three Streets Savior

Complete the quests in Cyclops Lane, Triton Ave, Firecat Alley.

Master Diplomat

Complete the quests in Colossus Blvd

Wizard City Protector

Defeat Lord Nightshade

Gobbler Chaser

Defeat 25 Gobblers

Gobbler Catcher

Defeat 50 Gobblers

Gobbler Gobbler

Defeat 100 Gobblers

Savior of Wizard City

Complete all main and side Wizard City quests

Wizard City Explorer

Complete Zeke's Smiths quest 

Sunken City Survivor

Complete Sunken City

Giant Hunter

Defeat 50 Giants

Giant Smasher

Defeat 100 Giants

Blood of the Giants

Defeat 350 Giants

Undead Stalker

Defeat 50 Undead

Undead Hunter

Defeat 100 Undead

Undead Conquerer

Defeat 500 Undead


Defeat 1000 Undead

Undead Slayer

Defeat 2000 Undead

Golem Breaker

Defeat 50 Golems

Golem Destroyer

Defeat 100 Golems


Defeat 200 Golems

Elemental Dispeller

Defeat 50 Elementals

Elemental Banisher

Defeat 250 Elementals


Defeat 500 Elementals

Briskbreeze Champion

Defeat the Briskbreeze Tower in Colossus Blvd

Triton Underwater Hero

Complete Crab Alley in Triton Ave

Waterworks Warrior

Complete the Waterworks dungeon in Crab Alley