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Ravenwood Academy's Notable Minor Enemies

Lyon Lorestriker

Sylster Glowstorm


Lyon is the final boss in the Tower of the Helephant in Wysteria. He's an draconian like the ones we saw in Dragonspyre. Like all bosses, he likes to cheat as well. 

Sylster is the final boss in the Waterworks, Crab Alley. Like a fish trickster, he cheats with bubbles. 

He shows up in Zafaria for the first time, fighting us using cheats. Whew, his Ra was such a heavy hitter! But that was not the last we saw of him. He again show up in Azteca twice. This was one foe that likes to show up at the most unfortunate times, but we show him the error of his ways time after time. Relates to René Emile Belloq who was a French archaeologist and rival of Indiana Jones.

Sir Malory


Eirikur Axebreaker

Sir Malory is the brother of Morganthe. We first meet him in Avalon in a dungeon where we fight his ghost. Then we get to fight him in the past when he was live in Ghost Avalon. In the past, he sided with Morganthe, but when he passed away, he realized that he was wrong all along. Relates to English writer, Sir Thomas Malory.

We first encounter Kaizoku in an special dungeon, Midnight Sun Pagoda. He's a very tough pig boss with a halberd who likes to cheat as all of the epic bosses do. He's also the first boss to ever do star damage on us. Interestingly enough, in real life, Kaizoku means Pirate(s) in Japanese.

Eirikur is a beautiful ice blue, but cruel dragon in the special dungeon, Winterbane Hall. We get to fight him in the final battle of the dungeon. He laso drops a pet that looks just like him, and has a card that is the same name as him.

Dr. Von Katzenstein



Dr. Von Katzenstein is a crazy cat scientist bent in Marleybone who's bent on crazy science experiment to spread chaos. He's the one who created the Dr. Von Monster! We get to confront him in his lab where we stop his madness once for all. He's based off the crazy mad scientist in the Dr. Frankenstein stories. 

Jabberwock is a mean, cheating boss we will come across in Avalon. He is based off the Alice's nemesis, Jabberwock, from the Alice of Wonderland book. Watch out for his meteors!!

Jotun is a huge troll boss that we will confront in Grizzleheim. We will get to fight him and his huge troll brothers to fight our way to Ravenscar. This epic battle takes place in a beautiful, but cold place, Nidavellir. Jotun means: Any of a race of giants in Norse myth