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Hoard Packs full of amazing loot that will surprise you! Opening one is like opening presents on Christmas Day, who knows what you'll get?!

Dragon's Hoard

The first ever Pack to be released! Bone Dragon mount and Dragon pets such as the Utility, Assailing and Vigiliant.

Wyvern's Hoard

This provided great gardening gear as well as gardening TCs.

If you're an gardener, this pack is for you!

Nightmare Pack

A Halloween Holiday Pack that gave you Grim Scarab pets, Red Ghost pets and even a Nightmare mount!



Raven's Hoard

This pack gave the first ever 2 person mount; the Blood Raven! New pets like the Storm Bird, Ice Beetle, Ice Bird came with this pack as well.

Kirin's Hoard

The gear is very wild looking and the wands are amazing, just blazing with fire and you got amazing Foo Pets! Be sure to grab one today!

Ninja Lore Hoard

Ninja Lore gave you a chance to learn the new crafted spells such as Goat Monk, and Ninja Pig as well as new gears, pets and bobbleheads.




Emperor's Hoard

This was a house decorators' dream. You could get tons of furniture, some of them interactive like the Koi Pondplus a chance to get the Tag Game Kiosk!

Hydra Hoard

This pack gave you the first ever 3-person Hydra Mount! The Pixie gear set in this pack also gave you amazing gardening/pet training energy!

A must for Gardeners.

Knight's Hoard

You get very kingly or queenly clothes along with cute Minstrel pets! You also can learn new spells in this pack like Catalan, Handsome Fomori and the Deer Knight!

Purreau's Plentiful Pet Provisions

This brand new pack is a first ever pack all about Pets! Here you will find Snacks, Pet related Furniture Items and brand new Pets.

Phoenix Hoard

You can receive an amazing fiery Phoenix mount that can seat two people along with a cute Gargoyle pet and amazing gear that will be this year's trend.

Keeper's Lore

You can learn Brimstone Revenant, Luminous Weaver or Keeper of the Flame spells from this Pack! You also can own the super cute Emberstone Tiger and more.

Yuletide Pack

Released December of 2012, introducing the Yuletide Pack that gives amazing Christmas items including a Winter Treant 2-Person Mount and more!

Skyvern Hoard

The first pack for 2013 - The Skyvern Pack that gives you a chance to own a Skyvern, 2-person mount, a cute Velociraptor pet and more!

Shaman's Lore

Second pack of 2013, just like the Skyvern Pack, this one includes AZ themed items, however, its a Lore pack, including new spells!

Pharaoh Hoard

Mummy Cat, Krokotopia Mander Mount, tons of Krok Furniture, new Tapestries, even a Krok Grand Tent and Krokopatra Houseboat furniture. What else would you want?

Islander's Hoard

You can get an awesome surfing board mount, Tiki pet and a cool Tiki outfit. There's great wands and other three permanent mounts like the Anicent Koi, Manta Ray, Hippogriff to get if you're lucky!

Harrowing Hoard Pack

Winterland Pack

Terror's Hoard Pack

Witch's Hoard

Road Warrior's Hoard

With ghostly wings and frightful outfits, this bone chilling new Halloween pack released in October of 2014 will bring your favorite harrowing delights to life! From gear of nightfall, to wands of torment, this pack is full of Halloween fun!

Introduced in December of 2014 as another Holiday Pack.

You can get awesome winter gears and skates, an adorable Moose pet, New Holiday Wallpaper and Furniture!

Also this is the first appearance of the Holiday Yuletide Fishing Tanks.

Introduced in June of 2015 as the first pack of the year,it features awesome Darkmoor inspired furniture, fortune teller gear, an epic Terror Dog mount, a Froggy apprentice-like pet, and much more!

The first pack of 2016 - The Witch's Hoard Pack. The Witch's Hoard offers Scuba Gear, Polarian Furniture, neat Pingouins that show their style in your homes, or Baba Yaga's Witch Hut as a mount!

The first ever 50% speed mount, the Road Warrior's Chopper. This pack is very well suited for people who are into Rock-N-Roll and motorcycles. You even get a cute Road Hog pet!

Not only that, you can get Khrysalis and Azteca placeable characters.

Immortal's Lore Pack

This pack is full of Aquilan goodies! You can learn three brand new spells in this Aquila themed pack as well have cool Aquilan placeable characters. It also gives new triple shield treasure cards and plenty of neat looking Aquilan furniture including new rugs.

Winter Wonder Pack

Professor's Hoard Pack

In this pack, you can get amazing energy gear for gardening, pet training, fishing, what not. But not only that, you can get super cute bunnies as a pet and as a mount. You will love the brand new globe that sparkles stars as well as the skating rink that you can actually skate on!

Look and dress the part! Gear up as your favorite professor alongside your owl protege in this hoard pack full of unique gear, both in design, stats, and spells. Brand new item cards and maycast wands that will change your battles!