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Monstrology 101

In the Spring of 2017, a brand new system was added to Wizard101 called Monstrology.

In Monstrology, you get to collect Animus from certain types of Monsters. We will explain it all here.

With this new section on our site along with our guides below, we hope to be able to help you complete your collection

as well as to help you understand how it works. We also have included recipes and spells that relates to this topic for easy access.

Happy Hunting, Wizards!

What Is Monstrology?

A Guide To How Monstrology Works.

Where Are The Monsters?

We tell you which monsters you can collect animus from.

Monstrology Extract Spells

We list what's available and where you can get them.

Monstrology Badges

Here you will find out what badges you could get in Monstrology.

What Is the Monsterdome?

We will explain what the Monsterdome do and why it's neat.

Monstrodome Recipe

We will tell you what you need to craft one.