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Wizard101 Fishing Guides

Hook, Line & Sinker!

How to be a great fisherperson

What School Am I?

Guide to Fish School, Location, XP & More!

The Fishing Spots

A Fish By World & Bundle Guide

Sentinels 101

Seasonal & Holiday Fish

A Guide About Sentinels: The Things You Should Know

Need to know when they are available? This is it for you

Need A Lure?

A guide to Fishing Spells to meet your needs

Crafting Time!

Fish Tank Recipes for Regular and Multi-Tanks including the brand new Lava Aquarium Tanks

Which Fish In Which Tank?

A Guide On Purchasing Aquarium Tanks

Fishing Ranks & Badges

 Complete accomplishments to wear a badge!


Guide to Tournaments & Catch of the Day

Curious what are tournaments and catch of the day for fishing? I'll explain quickly here.