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Items That You Can Sell For Gold

Housing Furniture

Aztecosaur Cube - 638 Gold
Aztecosaur Skull - 3750 Gold
Aztecosaur Golden Charm - 900 Gold
Aztecosaur Mask - 713 Gold
Aztecosaur Display - 675 Gold
Aztecosaur Fish Charm - 975 Gold
Aztecosaur Jeweled Charm - 938 Gold
Azetcosaur Snake - 750 Gold
Aztecosaur Statue - 788 Gold
Monkey Idol - 6000 Gold
Aztecosaur Symbol - 825 Gold
Aztecosaur Brooch - 600 Gold
Golden Wheel - 4500 Gold
Aztecosaur Charm - 863 Gold
Smoking Mirror - 3000 Gold

Shattered Statue
Golden Torch
Aztecosaur Altar
Aztecosaur Head
Aztecosaur Throne
Broken Sun Wheel
Priest King Statue
Troggy Totem
Aztecosaur Beacon
Aztecosaur Head
Ancient Altar
Aztecosaur Table
Ancient Stone Head
Mysterious Machine

Outdoor Decorations

Wall Decor

Ancient Stones
Ceremonial Arch
Mysterious Rubble
Aztecosaur Fountain
Ritual Platform


Skull Island Aztecosaur Face Wallpaper
Skull Island Aztecosaur Brick Wallpaper
Skull Island Aztecosaur Symbols Wallpaper


Skull Island Aztecosaur Stone Floor

Aztecosaur Torch
Aztecosaur Picture Stone
Brass Cogs
Golden Sun Wheel
Graven Panel
Aztecosaur Mural
Saurian Carving
Blood Lord Carving
Mysterious Carving
Turning Gears
Stone Aztecosaur



All of them have Cheap Shot Talents



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