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Tribal Crew Companions

The Tribal Crew Companions come from the Tribal Crew Pack which is found in the Crown Shop for 399 Crowns each.

At Max Level, you can pick 3 Epics.

At Max Level, you can pick 16 Talents.

Holkun Doomhorm

Calaca Shatterer

Witchdoctor Class

*Comes with Coward's Bane, Hoodoo's Touch.*


Improved Mojo Blast, Jobu's Ruse, Mojo Echo, Coward's Bane, Witch Hunter


Spirited, Resistant, Spooky, Dodgy, Accurate, Agile, Armored, Rough, Strong, Tough

Level 24 - Calaca Ravager - 2,400 Gold
Level 43 - Calaca Destructor - 5,725 Gold

Chilam Bak

Doomhorn Berkerker

Buccaneer Class

*Comes with Critical Strike, Turn The Tide, Vengeance Strike*


Blade Storm, Vengeance Strike, Relentless, Cheap Shot, Flanking


Strong, Armored, Accurate, Dodgy, Agile, Resistant, Rough, Spirited, Tough

Level 24 - Doomhorn Warchief - 2,400 Gold
Level 43 - Doomhorn Battlelord - 5,725 Gold

Kawil Doomclaw

Raptor Gloomtracker

Swashbuckler Class

*Comes with Epic Strike, First Strike*


Blade Storm, First Strike, Riposte, Relentless, Repel Boarders


Agile, Rough, Accurate, Dodgy, Armored, Resistant, Spirited, Strong, Tough

Level 24 - Raptor Moonhunter - 2,400 Gold
Level 43 - Raptor Nightstalker - 5,725 Gold

Lemba Moonskull

Moonskull Pelter

Musketeer Class

*Comes with Quick Draw, Gunnery*


Double Tap, Quick Draw, True Grit, Burst Fire, Overwatch


Accurate, Dodgy, Armored, Resistant, Rough, Spirited, Strong, Tough

Level 24 - Moonskull Bolt Thrower - 2,400 Gold
Level 43 - Moonskull Stormcaster - 5,725 Gold

Itzen Kaan

Petero Vindicator

Privateer Class

*Comes with Rouse, Riposte*


Blade Storm, Riposte, Relentless, Repel Boarders, Flanking, Witch Hunter


Spirited, Tough, Accurate, Dodgy, Agile, Armored, Resistant, Rough, Spooky, Strong

Level 24 - Petro Defender - 2,400 Gold (You Will Receive Call To Arms)
Level 43 - Petero Otomi - 5,725 Gold