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The Pirate101 Combat

The glint shining off your shiny silver sword, the moves you make and the power your companion delivers - that's what Pirate101 battle are all about.

Every battle round, I always start.

See the cards on the bottom? That's my powers. They are like W101 cards, but you can only use them once per battle. So I pick one and then click on an enemy in the front of me.

Then it's my companions' turn. I choose an enemy for him to attack.

Then another companion, but wait.. He has a power I can use.. So I can click on that then pick an enemy.

When you pick cards or enemies for everyone and click done. You watch your choices come to life in action.


When you pick an AOE, you will see a small arrow on yourself that points downwards. This means this power will attack anyone who's immediately next to you.

Dance of Power

This one is an AOE, but it's a bit different to use. First you have to move to be next to an enemy then when you click DONE, the Dance of Steel power will attack anyone who you are next to. You cannot just click on the power and it will activate where you stand. You have to move in order for it to activate.

The Critical spell in action

Critical and Block

You automically have Critical and Block. You don't learn it. But there is a spell that does boost your critical.