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Guide To The Tomb of the
Nameless Knight Puzzle

You have arrived into the Tomb of the Nameless Knight, you finished the first battle with the Disloyal Knights, but then you arrive in the second room which confuses you. There is a puzzle obviously, but what are you supposed to do? Let me help you with that.

First, there's a prompt making you look at a portrait and telling you that it's title mentions "all colors."

Hmm. This is a clue right there. But what colors? Let's take a look.

Ah, notice the colors right under the portrait? The blue, white, black, yelllow/orange and green? That's it.

But wait, what are you supposed to do with the colors?

If you look around, you will notice that there are shields lying around. But wait!

They all have a certain color that matches the colors under the portrait. What next? Hmm...

There are also tombs in here. Notice they each have something in the middle that you can interact with.

You can switch images on each tomb. Ooh, and they are the same images that you find on the shields.

I got it now! I hope you do too. No? Let me explain. The colors are telling you which shields is first, second, third, fourth and fifth. First shield is blue, that means the image on the shield must match the first tomb on left. Then the second shield must match the second tomb, so on, so on. 

If you are still confused, the complete answer to the puzzle is below.

First Tomb On Far Left - Blue - Knight with Sword

Second Tomb Next To First - White - Bug

Middle Tomb - Black - Rose

Fourth Tomb - Orange/Yellow - Snake & Sword

Fifth Tomb - Green - Crown

Good Luck!