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Guide to Skeleton Keys

Have you noticed the strange new locks? Let me explain what they are. They are special locks where you can enter a room that either has a treasure chest full of goodies for you OR a tough cheating boss. Your rewards will be great though if you're lucky. You can get mounts, pets, so many things. To unlock them, you need special keys!

How do you get the special keys? Oh in battles of course! You also can get another one from those same treasure chests!

Once the door is opened, your ENTIRE team can go in together! All you need is ONE key from anyone on your team. It is not required that everyone on your team has a key.

Ooh we got lucky! We found a chest!

But mind you, there's three kinds of keys. This one requires a STONE key. You can't use a Wooden Key for a Stone lock for instance.

This one requires a GOLD key.

You have to be careful, some secret doors are hidden very well. Search everywhere carefully. They are found in all of the brand new dungeons. The bosses you find in those rooms can cheat and are very challenging, so don't expect an easy battle.

Good Luck!