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Guide To Shinobi Bundle

The Shinobi Bundle is now available at GameStop for $29. This Mooshu themed bundle includes a pretty neat Dojo, a Dragon mount,

even a pet that will remind you of Teenage NInja Mutant Turtles! You will be able to dress up in Mooshu ninja clothes including a throwing star weapon.

Shinobi Dojo

This awesome dojo you can place anywhere you want in your houses. But that's not the best part..

This dojo also has a PvP Arena inside AND a Moodha Statue in the back of the Dojo inside that gives daily rewards!

Shinobi Dragon Mount

This Mooshu themed mount is 2 person mount at regular speed.

Shellnobi Warrior Pet

Like Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles? This pet is for you! You can dye its arm and leg bands any color you want!


Rare - Uncommon

Uncommon - Common

Epic - Rare

Ultra Rare - Dead End

Uncommon - Rare

Storm-Proof - Leech

Epic - Common

Ultra Rare - Common

Ultra Rare - Uncommon

Armor Breaker - Uncommon

Shinobi Gear

Shinobi Throwing Star Weapon