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Sentinels 101

Want to know what Sentinels are? As well as how to reel in a Sentinel or keep them away? You are not alone.

A lot of people are confused, so I hope this guide will help you.


What is a Sentinel?

Sentinels are a new type of predator fish. Their goal to is get your lures and chase away the poor regular fish who wanted the lure.

It's a new challenge for seasoned fisherpeople. There are three Sentinel kinds to get too!

Can you spy the Sentinel in this picture?

You will know if there are Sentinels nearby since their own shadow also looks different. They are spiky looking.


I am confused. There are different kinds of Sentinels?

Yes, so far we have three different kinds of Sentinels. One is more common while the other two are rarer. And you only can catch them as a Sentinel. This means you HAVE to reel in Sentinels if you want the other two rarer fish. The other two rarer fish apparently are very sneaky fish which is why they are Sentinels. Think about it. Rambo. Devil Ray. Naughty, naughty fish.

The common Red Armored Guard

The Rambo Fish

The Devil Ray

When viewing your fish in the Angler's Tome, you will be able to tell if they are a Sentinel from the top left corner's icon.

That icon with the quite toothy big green fish means that they are a Sentinel. If they have none, they are not a Sentinel.


The Sentinel's Behavior

When you want to reel in a Sentinel, you have to understand that Sentinels are very different from the rest of the fish you are used to. With regular fish, you wait as the fish plays with the lure before pulling it under the water. Sentinels don't play. They attack.

If they sense the lure is nearby, they will head STRAIGHT for it. They will chase away any other fish near the lure or any fish that's nibbling on the lure. That's when you see a message come up "Sentinel Fish Got It." Then they will chomp on the lure without any hesitation. So if you're trying to catch a Regular fish while one is nearby, that could be a problem.


Okay, so how do I reel in a Sentinel?

Once it chomps down, the button below will say "Invoke" and press spacebar right away. Don't wait! Remember, they will chomp on the lure RIGHT AWAY. They will not play with the lure at all like the other regular fish. So once they chomp and that invoke button is available, press the spacebar fast. But remember, they are already hard to catch, so expect to lose them often.


Well, what if I want them to go away?

Fishing Quest Reward: Banish Sentinels 1

Quest Giver: Yuri Smokesnare, Athenium, Dragonspyre

Quest Name: "Catch 'Em If You Can"

1. You have a few choices, let them chomp on the lure and you reel them in. You can get rid of them that way.
But that will waste your energy unless that's not a problem for you.
2. Complete the Dragonspyre Fishing Quests. There is a very useful fishing spell, which you receive as a reward of the third quest in the Dragonspyre Fishing quest line. The spell is Banish Sentinels 1, which does what it says. But be warned, it will only banish Rank 1 Sentinels, not other ranks.
3. They have a certain distance limit, so they won't sense the lure from a bit far away. You can drop the reel in and see if they come, if they don't.. You should be okay. But try to catch the regular fish you want to get quickly before they come back!
4. Lure them in, let them chomp on the bait, but do NOTHING. They will scare off by themselves, which will cost you ZERO energy.
I personally prefer number 4 if I have to save on energy and scare them away.

Good Luck!