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Abbey Road, Avalon

This gardener only shows up after you do specific quests.

Click on the button below to find out how to make Roger show up to show you his seeds and spells.

Gardening Spells

Putrid Bug Spray

Rank: 10

Price: 175,000 Gold

Energy: 15

You must already have Pungent Bug Spray in order to purchase this spell

Miniature Bloodbats

Rank: 12

Price: 200,000 Gold

Energy: 25

You must already have Dragonflies in order to purchase this spell

Second Spring

Rank: 15

Price: 250,000 Gold

Energy: 50

Plow All

Rank: 15

Price: 200,000 Gold

Energy: X

Harvest All

Rank: 15

Price: 300,000 Gold

Energy: X

Seed Shop

Bell Pepper

Rank: 1

Price: 600 Gold

Pink Laugh-O-Dil

Rank: 4

Price: 1,200 Gold

Orange Dandelion

Rank: 4

Price: 1,200 Gold


Tiger Lily

Rank: 1

Price: 1,200 Gold

White Desparagus

Rank: 6

Price: 2,400 Gold

Angora Bunny Ears

Rank: 1

Price: 2,400 Gold