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Guide to the Road Warrior's Hoard Pack

This hoard pack just has arrived in the Wizard101's Crown Shop. For 399 crowns,
you can get amazing stuff including a Road Warrior Chopper that gives up to 50% speed!

Thanks to Jose Lifegarden for helping me with photos of the mount, pet and gears as well as wands.

Thanks Alexander Lionheart for the third robe gear stat.


Road Warrior's Chopper (1 Day, 7 Day, Permanent)

House Furniture

Marleybone Times Stand
Postal Service Boxes
Shop Window
Naval Supply Crate
Marleybone Soda Bar
Soda Barrels
Ironwork Trash Can
Myth Sconce
Death Sconce
Ice Sconce
Fire Sconce
Balance Sconce
Life Sconce
Storm Sconce
Engineer's Tools
Rock Lobster Portrait
Rock Lobster Poster
The Great Spiral
Ancient Floor Glyph
Obscure Floor Glyph
Arcane Floor Glyph
Enigmatic Floor Glyph
Mysterious Floor Glyph
Arched Tombstone
Angled Gravemarker
Tall Roof Vent
Short Roof Vent
Thick Roof Vent
Demon Pig Statue
Northguard Shield
Austrilund Shield
Hrundle Fjord Shield
Dogs Playing Cards Painting
Electrified Meter Box
Crusher's Milk Bottle

Wood Saw
White Queen Chesspiece
White Knight Chesspiece
White Rook Chesspiece
White Pawn Chesspiece
White King Chesspiece
White Bishop Chesspiece
Black Queen Chesspiece
Black Knight Chesspiece
Black Rook Chesspiece
Black Pawn Chesspiece
Black King Chesspiece
Black Bishop Chesspiece
Black Checker
Red Checker
Airship Photograph
Cat Wanted Poster
Admiral Monkey Bear Portrait

Steamer Trunk
Metal Water Tower
Water Tower
Smogger's Auto Radiator
Wooden Propeller
Jail Cell
Broken Jail Cell
Bar Stool
Rack of Bobbie Helmets
Rack of Billy Clubs
Melee Weapons Rack
Small Arms Weapons Rack
Avalon Weapons Rack
Hanging Orb Light
Hanging Tesla Coil
Model MB Automobile
Fire Hydrant
Well Traveled Suitcase

Treasure Cards

Minion Treasure Cards

Balor Scourge - Summon A Minion of Death
Kemek Brul - Summon A Minion of Fire
Max Gage - Summon A Minion of Myth
Arnet Galestorm - Summon A Minion of Storm
Caruso - Summon A Minion of Balance
Osokowa Tama - Summon A Minion of Life
Franklinstove - Summon A Minion of Balance
Bleirg- Summon A Minion of Ice

Fuel Treasure Cards

Ice Fuel - +30% to Next 3 Ice Damage Spells
Storm Fuel - +25% to Next 3 Storm Damage Spells
Life Fuel - +25% to Next 3 Life Damage Spells
Mythic Fuel - +25% to Next 3 Myth Damage Spells
Death Fuel - +30% to Next 3 Death Damage Spells
(Fire) Fuel - +30% to Next 3 Fire Damage Spells

I don't think that Balance Fuel TCs exist. If I'm wrong, let me know.

Dual School Damage Treasure Cards

Punklops - 350 Myth Damage +35% Next Myth & Ice Damage
Rocklops - 350 Life Damage +35% Next Life & Storm Damage
Metalops - 350 Death Damage +35% Next Death & Fire Damage
Cold Iron - 350 Ice Damage +35% Next Ice & Myth Damage
Rocketstove - 350 Storm Damage +35% Next Storm& Life Damage

Music Themes

Skull Island Main Theme
Skull Island Combat Theme

Wallpapers & Flooring

Black Vines Wallpaper
Black Argyle Wallpaper
Black Chainlink Wallpaper
Black Bamboo Wallpaper
Black Branches Wallpaper
Black Stripes Wallpaper
Black Concrete Wall Finish
Black Leaf Wallpaper
Black Bullseye Floor
Black Pinwheel Floor
Black Shell Wallpaper
Black Waves Wallpaper
Black Paint

Black Bullseye Floor
Black Ceramic Tile
Black Squares Floor
Metal Floor Grating
Black Cobblestone



Stone Block
Scrap Iron
Spider Silk
Agave Nectar
Black Pearl
Merle's Whisker
Bronze Gear

Red Grapes of Wrath
Purple Grapes of Wrath
Yellow Bell Pepper
Purple Bell Pepper
Orange Bell Pepper
Red Bell Pepper
Bell Pepper
Evil Magma Peas
Silver Trumpet Vine
Trumpet Vine
Saw Palmetto
Sugar Khrystal
King Parsley
Honey Sickle
Boom Shroom
Sword Fern


Road Hog

Fire Pet - Evanescent Egg

*Dyeable Pet*

Talents - Derbies

First Slot - Pip O'Plenty - Clear

Second Slot - Sharp Shoot - Slow Motion

Third Slot - Stun Recalcitrant - Sideswipe

Fourth Slot - Fire Sniper - Dawdle

Fifth Slot - Fire Assailant - Spiffy Pop

Sixth Slot - Spell Proof - Lock

Seventh Slot - Fire Dealer - Scoot

Eighth Slot - Lively - Restore

Ninth Slot - Armor Breaker - Immunity

Tenth Slot - Fuel - Downer

Other Pets:

Road Hog

Rude Goblin

Black Spider
Magma Spider
Pesky Beetle
Tailstorm Pantera
Grim Scarab
Spider Golem
Death Scarab

Placeable Characters

Pet Snacks

Panning Spike Horn
Mining Spike Horn
Prospecting Spike Horn
Hammering Winged Tooth
Sifting Spike Horn

Scrubbing Hundred Legger
Honing Hundred Legger
Chopping Sand Crawler
Scouring Sand Crawler

Rank 8 -
High Road Haggis - Death

Rank 7 -
Punk Rock Candy, Ice
Sugar Skulls Cereal, Death
Stilted Cheese, Balance

Rank 6 -
Zeus Newton, Storm
Agave Leaves
Tasty Rainbow - Ice

Rank 5 -
Flaming Soup, Fire
Decimatoes, Fire
Fortune Cookies, Fire
Spicy Drumstick, Fire
Samoorye, Life

Rank 4 -
Fire Cracker, Fire
Breakfast Taco, Ice
Glowing Rock Candy, Myth
Chili Cheese Fries, Death
Black Sun Seeds, Death
Cow Pie, Myth

Rank 3 -
BBQ Drumstick, Life
Flaming Jalapeno, Fire
Flaming Pineapple, Fire

Rank 2 -
Watermolen, Life
Leather Scraps, Myth
Flaming Carrot, Balance

Rank 1 -
Drumstick, Myth


Thanks to Destiny Rain & Aaron/Diana for helping me complete the Level 120+ Gears

Level 110+

Level 120+