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PvP 101


I thought of putting together a simple page about PvP and a few tips you should know.






Do not degrade yourself to name call others if you are losing. Swearing is prohibited by Wizard101 and you can be reported for it which could result in your wizard being muted and possibly banned.

Do not complain about every single little thing. Make it fun and enjoyable instead.






There is no such thing called Chain Dispelling. So do not complain when you get dispelled.

Try to save your pips as much as you can. Do not waste them on Triple Blades unless needed. Absolutely not on Feints or Triple Traps.

Life Dispels and Tower Shields as well as other shields are a huge MUST to have in PvP






You can click "C" then click on the button that looks like two swords clashing on the top of your Statistics. This will tell you your own personal information regarding PvP and Pet Derby.


Ranked PvP Matches is obviously how many matches you won and lost.

PvP Rating will tell you what rank you are and how many points you earned thus far. 



This will let you know what rank you can get when you get certain amount of points. For instance if you had 525 points, you will be a Corporal. 




This is the PvP Match Results you will get every time you win or lose a maatch.

The ticket button below your school icon will tell you how many tickets you won which you can redeem for PvP Gear, PvP Pets or PvP Trophies.

Next to the two Swords clashing Icon will also tell you how many points you have earned or lost from this match in the (number). If you lost, you will see a (-10) meaning you lost 10 points.

If you fled or the game kicked you off, you will get 0 Tickets and if your team loses, you will lose points as well. So I suggest you do not flee. At least you can get more tickets to save up for better PvP gears, PvP pets or etc. 


If you see anyone's school icon casted in shadow, that means they did flee or was not there in the match. 



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