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How do I Register for a Tournament?

Step One

Locate the 'Tournaments' kiosk in the Wizard City Arena.

This kiosk is situated on the spot where the Practice PvP kiosk was previously located.

Step Two

Interact with the Kiosk. An interface will open showing the tournaments that are occuring within the current and following day, and a countdown for start time of the tournaments. Click on the tournament you wish to join.

If you wish to join a 1v1 Tournament, this is the prompt you will get. 

If you do not have a subscription, this will show and you will have to pay 849 crowns to register. If you have one, you will need to pay 499 crowns to register.

If you wish to join a 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4, this is the prompt. If you join by yourself, you will be matched with random partners. If you click 'Join With Group', each member of the group will have to pay INDIVIDUALLY- 849 if they aren't a member, 499 if they are.

If you complete the steps successfully, you will receive this pop-up. 

Now, all that's left is to wait for the tournament to begin!

When wait time is up and the tournament is ready to begin, if you were successfully placed in a bracket, you will see this pop-up before the first round begins.

In some cases, you may not get a place in the tournament bracket. This usually happens if you are late to sign up. In that case, joining your next tournament would be free.

The Tournament Begins!

The first round officially begins! You'll be prompted to Go to Arena just like in a regular PvP match. However, if anyone on a team does not confirm, the team goes into the round without the person(s) failing to confirm.

The objective in any tournament match is to kill the opponents before the alloted time runs out. When time runs out and no team has defeated all their opponents (meaning no one has yet won), Diego the Duelmaster appears in the middle of the circle and chooses a winner based on several factors.

However, Diego's judgements have been known to be unfair in several cases, making the one who would have been defeated the winner.

People stall to wait for Diego when they know they are going to be defeated, because they know Diego might bug and choose them instead of the winning opponents.

When you win a match by defeating the opponents, you get 100 points. When you win because of Diego choosing you, you get 90 points. When you lose by Diego choosing the opponents, you gain 30 points. When you lose by the opponents defeating you, you gain 10 points. Bonus points can also be awarded in all tournaments beside 1v1.

At the end of a tournament, the points from all your battles are added up, and the placings in the tournament are determined by points.

This is the Diego meter. It appears under the timer closer to the end of a match. 

It shows the team which Diego currently favors, and who he would pick if the time were to run out without the match being finished. If it points to green, that means that Diego is friendly, currently favoring your team. If it points to yellow (the middle), that means Diego is neutral, and he is currently not in favor of either team. If it points to red, it means Diego is hostile, and is currently in favor of the opposing team. 

Don't be fooled by the meter though, on the last turn of the battle, the meter can change.

After your battle is finished, you will have to wait for all matches in the bracket that you are in to be completed before you can advance to the next round.

When the next round is ready to begin, you'll see another confirmation. This time, you'll be able to see your current place. Also, if you click 'Rankings', you'll be able to see the places of all teams in your bracket.

When you click rankings, you'll end up on the 'Summary' tab showing the actual rankings. Click on the 'Team' tab and you'll see which teams fought each other, and the winner if their match has ended.

A tournament only has four rounds, meaning four matches. 
After the last (fourth) round, it's time to see what place you came!
Now is also the best time to check out the rankings, to see how others did as well.

When you close the pop-up with your placing, it's time to see your rewards!

If you log off before getting your awards, it will appear as an extra gift box icon on the bottom left to claim the next time you log on.


Tickets are GUARANTEED for all placings. Bonus tickets are rewarded in all tournaments except 1v1. Here are the ticket prizes for top 3 places:

1st place- 1250 tickets

2nd place- 1000 tickets

3rd place- 750 tickets

The top three teams also get an interactable trophy for their houses! First place team gets a Gold Trophy, second gets a Silver, third gets a Bronze.

You also have a chance at getting reagents, rank 7+ snacks and treasure cards.


Now that you know the basics of tournaments, go forth and fight to the finish!