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Guide to PvP Terms

A Guide By Cody Raventhorn

Sand Bagging – Purposely dropping the rank of 1 or multiple players of a team to extreme lows, in order to receive more points after wins, and lose fewer points after a loss.

Banker – A Player who has extremely high rank, due to the use of other team members sand bagging.

Puppet Teaming - Purposefully teaming a High level wizard with a Low level wizard, in order to receive a lower standardized enemy team.

e.g. A level 5 wizard teaming up with a level 80 wizard in order to be matched against opponents in the mid-level range.

Down Ranking – Purposely lowering one's rank.

This is done in a variety of ways, such as fleeing at the start of matches, entering a match with no cards/discarding until all run out,

Rank Juggling – Matching up 2 wizards to continuously switch off winning and losing on purpose, to allow a distribution of Arena Tickets, to both players.

Thrift Shopper – Watching/Stalking other PvP players by watching them PvP to determine their strategy.

One Shotter – A Wizard whose deck is literally built around killing the opponent(s) team in 1 attack.

Time Burner – A balance wizard who spams Mana Burn.

Smoke Spam – Having 1 to 2 players on a team dedicated to literally using Smoke Screen every round.

Blade Stacker – A wizard or team revolving around blades toppling over 1 team member.

Tank Team – A Team composed of all High Resist, High Health wizards.

Chain Stunning – Stunning a player or players for 2+ consecutive rounds.

X Bomber – A Player disconnecting from a PvP match on purpose, in order to avoid the loss of ranking score.