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Polaris Badges

Ravenwood Alumnus

Complete Quest: Pomp and Circumstance (Graduate from Ravenwood)

Polaris Explorer

Complete Zeke's Vanilla Ice Quest

Polarian Rose Picker

Complete Eloise's Ice Rose Quest

Revolutionary Dancer

Complete Quest: Dance Revolution

Inspector's Adversary

Defeat 50 Penguins

Inspector's Rival

Defeat 100 Penguins

Inspector's Nightmare

Defeat 250 Penguins

Inspector's Torment

Defeat 500 Penguins

Hero of the Basstille

Complete the Basstille's Main Quest

Patriote Paragon

Complete Quest: The Empress and the Rat

Valiant of the Sunless Shrine

Complete Quest: Trial of Valor

Sea Lion Tamer

Defeat 50 Sea Lions

Sea Lion Herder

Defeat 100 Sea Lions

Sea Lion Wrangler

Defeat 250 Sea Lions

Sea Lion Stalker

Defeat 500 Sea Lions

Pit Boss's Bane

Complete Quest: Charm of the Mine

Osky Boxer

Defeat 50 Polar Bears

Osky Wrestler

Defeat 100 Polar Bears

Osky Mauler

Defeat 250 Polar Bears

Osky Trouncer

Defeat 500 Polar Bears

True Comrade

Complete Quest: Rasputin's Surprises

Iceblock Crusher

Complete Quest: Rise of the Titan

Tundra Troll Roller

Defeat 50 Tundra Trolls

Tundra Troll Topper

Defeat 100 Tundra Trolls

Tundra Troll Tormentor

Defeat 250 Tundra Trolls

Tundra Troll Toll Taker

Defeat 500 Tundra Trolls

Champion of the Borealis Peaks

Complete Quest: Climbing The Peaks

Guest of the Veiled Vale

Complete Quest: The Witch's Garden

Defender of Land & Sky

Complete Quest: Saving The Sky Anchor

Benevolent Savage

Complete Quest: Save the Wailers!

Assistant to the Master Artist

Complete Quest: Piece De Resistance

Reddin's Redemption

Complete Quest: Basstille Redemption

Warden of Walruskberg

Complte Quest: Basstille Redemption