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Pirate101 Eggs

This is a Work In Progress. A lot of the eggs' images are a bit messed up in Pirate101, which is why I'm trying to set this up. I know they will fix it eventually, but for now, this guide should help. This way we will know exactly what egg belongs to which pet. 

Guide Contributors: FireSmith & Silver, Stormy12, WilliamTheMaster, Calamity Pixieshade, Jennifer Silverdragon, JennyQuin

Wanna help out, just tweet @KelseyFireheart or email your image to

Together, we can make this guide very useful! :D



*Fire Toad


*Horned Frog

*Jungle Toad


*Disco Toad

*Any Scorpion Types; Golden Stingtail, etc

*Deathstalker Scorpion

*Noel Claward


*Any Spirit Types; Seaweed Spirit, Seeking Spirit

*Any Spectre Type; Ebon Spectre

*Sea Foam Spectre


*Any Budgie Type; Rain Forest, Raiding, etc etc.

*Skull Island Macaw





*(Blue) Ostrich


*Mechanical Owl


*Ostrich in a Pear Tree

*Cheerful Tinsel Owl

*Verdant Tinsel Owl



*Mutt Squawker

*Swashbuckler Raptor

*Witchdoctor Raptor

*Buccaneer Raptor

*Musketeer Raptor

*Privateer Raptor

*Royal Ibis


*Any Buffaloon Type; Durango Buffaloon, etc
*Red Baubleloon

*Green Baubleloon

*Purple Polkaloon

*Batik Eggaloon

*Silver Baubloon







*Snowfall Fawn

*Hoggle Huggle Pet



*White Tail Jackalope

*Sabertooth Bunny

*Blue Chocolope

*Pink Chocolope 



*Winter Jackalope

*Rime Jackalope


*Bunny Hug

*Snuggle Bunny


*Any Crawlie; Crimson, Birthday, etc

*Coconut Crawlie

*Ice Scarab

*Scylla Spawn

*Rock Crab

*Blues Crab

*Dire Crab

*Shellfish Crawlie

*Sarlac Scylla


*Any Walktopus Type, Blue Ringed, Wilding, Roving, etc etc 

*Armadillo Verde

*Inky Octopus

*Yellow Marshadillow

*Pink Marshadillow

*Lil Labor Golem

*Spiny Serpent

*Scrimshaw Drake?

*Mini Minotaur


*Silver Dollar Dillo


*Skyrime Minotaur




*Orchid Chameleon

*Cutie Chameleon



*Thorny Toad


*Santa Claws


*Fire Lizard


*Phantasm Pogona

*Karma Chameleon

*Festive Dimetrosaur

*Yuletide Iguana

*Stardust Chameleon


*Any Card Turtle Pet, Epic Skies Turtle, etc

*Tawny Sky Turtle

*Painted Party Turtle


*All Puffer Types; Rouged, Blue Skies, etc

*Clown Fish

*Lion Fish

*Violet Bubblefish


*Punk Fish

*Shrieking Eel



*Heck Fish

*Grouper of the Deep

*Festive Grouper

*Snow Lionfish

*Everest Yeti


*All Rattler Types; Tropical Sky, etc

*Tropical Sky Snake

*Flying Cobra

*Paper Chain Snake


*All Dragon Types; Primeval, West Wind, etc

*Candy Cane Dragon?

.*Golden Sky Dragon

*Celestial Dragon

*Sky Dragon Candy Cane

*Paper Dragon

*Corrupted Dragon

*Karma Paper Dragon

*Yuletide Celestial Dragon

*Yuletide Paper Dragon

*Festive Candy Dragon


*Any Spider Type; Coral Widow

*Clockwork Spider




*Black Mambo



*Snow Scarab

*Sunshine Tarantula

*Beetle My Valentine

*Heck Scarab


*Thresher Shark

*Grimtooth Reaper

*Hammerhead Shark


*Not So Great White Shark

*Tiger Shark

*Habanero Tiger Shark

*StormTiger Shark

*Sand Shark

*Bull Pup

*Swashbuckler Apex

*Buccaneer Apex

*Witchdoctor Apex

*Privateer Apex

*Musketeer Apex

*Yuletide Shark


*Any Lion Type from Game Card; North Wind, etc

*Imperial Lion

*Corrupted Imperial Lion

*Heck Kitty

*Black Tiger


*Ginger Cat Cub

*Grey Tabby Cat

*Lilac Tabby Cat

*Midnight Cat Cub

*Sandy Cat Cub

*Tabby Cat Cub

*Tawny Cat Cub

*Ghostly Cat Cub

*Chocolate Cat Cub

*Goodbye Cat Cub