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Pirate101 Keyboard Shortcuts

Want to know simple shortcuts in-game? Well there there are quite a bit! Thanks to Pirate101's own guide, I was able to list them here.

However, I divided them up and made it a lot more neater, so you can find what you need even more quicker. 


A or Left Arrow: Move Left

S or Down Arrow: Move Backwards

D or Right Arrow: Move Right

W or Up Arrow: Move Forward

Ctrl + R or Num Lock: Autorun

Hold Alt + then A or D: Autospin

Space: Jump


Ctrl + O: Uses a Bottle of Mojo

Ctrl + Shift + Q: Set Quest Helper to Nearest Quest

END Button: Activates healing at a Life Fountain


B: Open/Close My Backpack/Inventory

C: Open/Close Character Screen

P: Open/Close Talents/Powers

E: Open/Close Ship Equipment

Q: Open/Close Quest Journal

U: Open/Close Companion Management

F: Open/Close Friends Panel

Ctrl + M: Open Realms Section

Ctrl + S: Open Crown Shop

Shift + M: Open/Close Map

X: Interact

Esc: Exit to Select Pirate Character Screen

Alt + F4: Quit Pirate101

Taking A Picture

Print Screen or F12: Take a screenshot

Ctrl + U: Hides Some Screen Icons

Ctrl + G: Hides ALL Screen Icons

N: Turn On/Off Navigation Bubbles

Ctrl + Shift + N: Show/Hide Name Tags


Enter: To Start Chatting

R: Opens Chat Window and set to Reply to Last Message (Text/Open Chat Only)


Home: Go To Your Current House

H: Open/Close Housing Decorating Panel (only available when you're in your own house)