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Pirate101 Hybrids

Here we will list all confirmed Special Morphs & Hybrids and how you can get one.

Thanks to Stormy12 for the Habanero Tiger Shark image. Thanks to Misty Jackson for the Dire Crab, Rime Jackalope and Sunshine Tarnatula images.

Special Morphs

The following pets are not what Pirate101 considers to be hybrids, but special pets that you can get by using any pet with a specific parent.

Skull Island Macaw

(Blue) Ostrich



How Obtained: Skarakeet x Any Pet

How Obtained: Ostrich x Any Pet

How Obtained: Black Market Tarantula x Any Pet


How Obtained: Reddrum x Any Pet

The Hybrids

The following pets requires two specific parents in order to produce it.


Grimtooth Reaper

Tiger Shark


How Obtained: Ebon Spectre x Not So Great White Shark

How Obtained: Sabertooth Bunny x Thresher Shark

How Obtained: Ice Scarab x Hammerhead Shark




Pork U Pine

How Obtained: Ostrich x Orchid Chameleon

How Obtained: Clown Fish x Stormtiger Shark

How Obtained: Hoggle x Hedgehog



Habanero Tiger Shark

Thorny Toad

How Obtained: Inky Octopus x Clockwork Spider

How Obtained: Sabertooth Bunny x Thresher Shark

How Obtained: Orchid Chameleon x Violet Bubblefish


Paper Dragon

Silver Dollar Dillo


How Obtained: Celestial Dragon x Tawny Sky Turtle
How Obtained: Armadillo Verde x Silver Buffaloon

How Obtained: Mini Minotaur x Fire Toad


Golden Sky Dragon

Horned Toad


How Obtained: Celestial Dragon x Golden Sky Rattler

How Obtained: Frog x Ram-a-Lam

How Obtained: Fire Toad x Black Market Tarantula



Fire Lizard


How Obtained: Iguana x Ice Scarab

How Obtained: Iguana x Fire Toad

How Obtained: Imperial Lion x Celestial Dragon



Cheerful Tinsel Owl

Verdant Tinsel Owl

How Obtained: Corrupted Dragon x Silver Buffaloon

How Obtained: Red Baubleloon x Mechanical Owl

How Obtained: Green Baubleloon x Mechanical Owl



Punk Fish


How Obtained: Sabertooth Bunny x Ebon Spectre

How Obtained: Glowfish x Glowfish
How Obtained: Pink Marshadillow x Fandango


Blues Crab

Skyrime Minotaur

How Obtained: Yellow Marshadillow x Fandango

How Obtained: Blue Ostrich x Rock Crab

How Obtained: Frostbiter x Mini Minotaur


Black Mambo


Dire Crab

How Obtained: Coral Widow x Clown Fish

How Obtained: Bunnicorn x Ebon Spectre

How Obtained: Coconut Crawlie x Coconut Crawlie


Winter Jackalope

Disco Toad

Heck Fish

How Obtained: Frostbiter x White-Tailed Jackalope

How Obtained: Jungle Toad x Clown Fish

How Obtained: Heck Kitty x Grouper

Sunshine Tarnatula

How Obtained: Black Market Tarantula x Golden Stingtail

Rime Jackson

How Obtained: Skyrime Minotaur x White-Tailed Jackalope

Snow Scarab

How Obtained: Ice Scarab x Frostbiter


How Obtained: Dimetrosaur x Phantasm Pogona

Kitty Hybrids

How Obtained: Ginger Cat Cub x Ginger Cat Cub

This combination produces 9 different cat hybrids and each one is a different colored cat.

Grey Tabby Cat

Lilac Cat Cub

Midnight Cat Cub

Sandy Cat Cub

Tabby Cat Cub

Tawny Cat Cub

Ghostly Cat Cub

Goodbye Kitty

Chocolate Cat Cub

Heck Scarab

How Obtained: Heck Kitty X Scarab

Sarlac Scylla



How Obtained: Scylla Spawn x Anansi

How Obtained: Coconut Crawlie x Armadillo Verde

How Obtained: Golden Stingtail x Silver Buffaloon

Snuggle Bunny

How Obtained: Bunny Hug x Sabertoothed Bunny


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