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When the night falls and you are lonely, your little monkey pet jumps up on your shoulder and chatters happily. And you can't help, but smile and hand it a banana to eat on.

Pets By Name

All about Pets that are listed by Name

Crown Shop Pets

All about pets in the Crown Shop in-game

Dropped Pets

All about pets that have been Dropped in-game

Badge Pets

All about pets from the Badges that you earn in-game

Game Card Pets

All about Game Card pets you buy in store

Pets By Talents & Powers

All about pets' Talents and Powers

Hybrid Pets

All about pets that are created through Morphing

Pirate101 Pet Eggs

Confused about which egg belongs to which pet?

Pet Wrangling Pets

All about pets dropped from Pet Wrangling and their Hybrids

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me answer some of your frequently asked questions.

1) Can you give me a Pet?

No we cannot give you a pet.

2) How do we get a Pet?

You can buy one in Gamestop and other stores for $10 or $20.

Or you can purchase one in-game or be lucky enough to get a pet dropped!

3) How do we train up our P101 Pets?

You simply can train your pets right from your book. Just make sure you got snacks.

4) How do we know what talents our Pets have?

Just hover over the pets in your backpack or crown shop, the talent will appear on the stats