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Cannons are exploding, guns are going off, there's a ringing sound of swords clashing, you sigh a relief and look at your goat monk companion who is backing you up in this surprise trap. Without him and his wise advices as well as skills, you wouldn't survive in this crazy world of Pirates!

The Companions of our Crew

Companions are special helpers you pick up along the way in your Pirate adventures that will become a part of your crew. They range in appearances and have different fighting styles and special abilities. Your companions help you in battle as well as travel along beside you as you quest through Skull Island!

If you have any Companion Info, please use the form. We will need Stats, Quest & Location where you got it. The Talents and Abilities it gets.

We are slowly adding information. Be patient with us. This was an enormous amount of work and it is not even completed by a long shot. To help us fill out the lists faster, please read How To Submit.

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