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Advanced Pet Mixes

Those are non-school hybrids that makes a new pet! 

Fire Beetle

Storm Beetle & Firecat

Red Ghost

Green Ghost & Blue Ghost


Christmas Elf & Seraph


Colossus & Giraffe

Death Minotaur

Wraith & Polarcat

Pixie Queen

Dark Sprite & Sprite


(This Death Minotaur Comes With Card)


Spider Golem

Black Spider x Clockwork Golem

Pet Rock

Red Gobbler x Red Gobbler

Life Minotaur

Minotaur x Treant

Forest Beast

Polar Cat x Sea Turtle

Yuletide Spirit

Frostman x Seraph

Lucky Leprechaun

Black Cat x Christmas Elf

Ghost Dragon

Pale Maiden x Dragon


Krok x Brown Spider

Death Troll

Tough Troll x Brown Spider

Ice Elf

Fire Elf x Grumpy Snowman

Combination found by Icywiz aka Christina Icedreamer of Spiral Radio 101

Cloudburst Sprite

Pegasus Pony x Tempest


Leopard x Enchanted Armament

Dignified Crabling

Fervid Crabling

Hearty Crabling

Crabling x Jelly Fish

Crabling x Jelly Fish

Crabling x Jelly Fish

Grave Crabling

Clever Crabling

Crabling x Jelly Fish

Crabling x Pink Jelly Fish


Babydactyl x Leaf Foot


Babydactyl x Pesky Beetle


Babydactyl x Sailback Stink

Chilled Scorpion

Playful Seal Pup x Scorpion

Superstitious Scorpion

Cunning Seal Pup x Scorpion

Burnt Scorpion

Intrepid Seal Pup x Scorpion

Wildwood Yeti

Playful Seal Pup

Dutiful Bloodbat

Mountain Yeti x Timberland Yeti


Mountain Yeti x Mountain Yeti

Intrepid Seal Pup x Cunning Seal Pup

Imp x Bloodbat

Panther/Leopard Mixes

The White Tiger Hybrid

The Tiger Hybrid

The Lion Hybrid

Panther x Leopard produces the above three hybrids.

Steel Golem Mixes

Arcane Helper x Any Zilla from the Best Buy Game Card

such as Hotzilla, Infernozilla, Scorchzilla, Firezilla, Crimsonzilla, Burnzilla, Flamezilla.

Old Sparky



Gives a Dragonblade Card

Gives a Supernova Card

Gives a Jade Oni Card

Boiler Golem

Mister Incinerator


Gives a Supernova Card

Gives an Empowerment Card

Coal Train

Gives a Steel Colossus Card

Gives a Bladestorm Card

The Cheesewitz Children

Papa Cheesiwitz x Mama Cheesiwitz

(can produce either Brother Cheesiwitz or Sister Cheesiwitz,

never themselves)

Egg Chick

Egg Pet x Bunny Mallow