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Badge Mounts

The following mounts are only purchasable after you unlock badges for them.

Dromel Magic Carpet

Vendor: Guillermel, Caravan
Badge Needed: Archaeologist Badge & Treasure Hunter Badge
Badge Requirement: Sell 50 Antiquities & Sell 100 Antiquities
Gold Price: 75k Gold

Hoods Magic Carpet

Vendor: Robin, Aggrobah
Badge Needed: Aggrobah Enforcer Badge & Aggrobah Sheriff Badge
Badge Requirement: Defeat 50 House Rival Gang Members & 100 House Rival Gang Members (Thuggie Goons)
Gold Price: 75k Gold

Tabbi Magic Carpet

Vendor: Captain Kettay, Cauterwaul Canyons
Badge Needed: Tabbi Solider Badge & Tabbi General Badge
Badge Requirement: Defeat 50 House Purrzian Assailants & 100 House Purrzian Assailants
Gold Price: 75k Gold

Serpentine Magic Carpet Mount

Vendor: Destro-uctor, Istanboa
Badge Needed: Serpentine Scout Badge & Dunes Warrior Badge
Badge Requirement: Defeat 50 Calixco Guards & 50 Sand Djinns
Gold Price: 75k Gold

Calixco Magic Carpet Mount

Vendor: Advisor Francy Fries, Rubal Wastes
Badge Needed: Boa Bruiser Badge & Unconstrictable Badge
Badge Requirement: Defeat 50 Boas & Defeat 100 Boas
Gold Price: 75k Gold

Sayameez Magic Carpet

Vendor: Prefect Josapat, Yakhal Mountain
Badge Needed: Sayameez Sergeant Badge & Rebellion Crusher Badge
Badge Requirement: Defeat 50 Bumbai Rebels Soldiers & Defeat 100 Bumbai Rebels Soldiers
Gold Price: 75k Gold