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Mooshu Badges

Oni Slayer

Defeat Jade Oni in Jade Palace

Emerald Champion

Complete all Main and Side quests in the Necropolis, The Drake Hatchery and the Labyrinth

Mooshu Explorer

Complete Zeke's Oysters Quest

The Purifier

Defeat Plague Oni and complete quests in Shirataki Temple, Shoshun VIllage, Kishibe Village and Cave of Solitude.


Defeat War Oni and complete quests in Crimson Fields, Hamestu Village and Takakai Outpost.

Spirit Walker

Defeat Death Oni and complete quests in Tree of Life, Ancient Burial Grounds, Village of Sorrows and Yoshihito Village.

Sword Saint

Defeat Youkai in the Tree of Life dungeon

Ninja Hunter

Defeat 100 Ninja Pigs

Ninja Slayer

Defeat 250 Ninja Pigs


Defeat 400 Ninja Pigs

Ronin Hunter

Defeat 50 Samoorai


Defeat 100 Samoorai


Defeat 200 Samoorai