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Guide to Mirage Raider Bundle

This bundle can be found at GameStop for $39.

The Nomad's Camp

This beautiful house has small buildings around the property where you can decorate as well as use a genie lamp to transport inside of the lamp. Once inside the lamp, the sheer beauty of the area will sure blow you away. They also include cool transports to already existing buildings on the property. For those hearty explorers, this place has a secret area that's easily missed with a large flat area to decorate on. There is also a crack in the wall nearby where you can enter to find a rope to climb up to where you can get an amazing view of the entire property. This is quite a desert lover's dream house. Last of all, near the world door, there will be desert traders who will reward you daily rewards. What more could you ask for?

Desert Racer Mount

This incredible looking mount can be yours. It's quite eye catching and beautiflly colored that you can't help but admire it. It's one of those rare hybrid mounts which I like the most. This mount will help you with speed and Pip Chance.

Sultan's Monkey

This cute little monkey can be your wily partner in PvP, questing or both! Nothing but the best for your Sultan wizard.


Rare - Rare

Ultra Rare - Oil Slick

Storm-Ward - Common

Ultra Rare - Rare

Ultra Rare - Dead End

Ultra Rare - Rare

Ultra Rare - Common

Ultra Rare - Rare

Ultra Rare - Rare

Hex - Rare

If you have any information what the First Generation Sultan's Monkey has for its talents and derbys, please let us know by emailing us at or tweeting us at KelseyFireheart. Thank you.

Mirage Dunerunner's Outfit

Desert Lodestar Staff