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Marleybone Badges


Complete the Big Ben dungeon

Hero of Marleybone

Complete All Marleybone quests

(Not including Kensington Park)

Honorary Detective

Complete All Quests from Officer McRuff


Ride all of the Air Balloons in Marleybone

Member of the Watch

Complete all of the Scotland Yard's quests

Honorary Engineer

Hand in the "Bad News" quest after defeating Meowarity in Big Ben

Marleybone Explorer

Complete Zeke's Stray Cats quest

Smogger Smasher

Defeat Smogger in Katzenstein's Lab

Cat Curtailer

Defeat 100 Cats

Cat Herder

Defeat 250 Cats

Meow Master

Defeat 400 Cats

Crusher Crusher

Defeat Spike the Crusher in Big Ben

Machine Master

Defeat Stoker in Kensington Park

Rat Catcher

Defeat 50 Rats

Rat Trapper

Defeat 100 Rats

Pied Piper

Defeat 200 Rats