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How To Get Your Master of Shapes Badge

This guide will show you where, who and which spells you need to train for in order to get your Master of Shapes badge.

This badge can be found under Miscellious Badges of your Character Page.



The Portico, Base Camp, Celestia

Polymorph Gobbler - Level 50 Required

Polymorph Mander - Level 52 Required

Polymorph Cat Bandit - Level 54 Required

Polymorph Ninja Pig - Level 56 Required

Polymorph Level Dracon - Level 58 Required

**Can be found in Base Camp, Celestia too*

Ulantor Starmist, Stormriven, Celestia

Polymorph Treant - Level 55 Required
Polymorph Colossus - Level 56 Required
Polymorph (Fire) Elemental - Level 57 Required
Polymoroph (Storm) Elemental - Level 58 Required

**Here's a little tip. Ulantor will be found behind the building, hidden in a corner with Zeke's salamander**

Moon Trainer,
Three Points, Azteca

Polymorph Jaguar - Level 88 Required

Polymorph Pteranodon - Level 88 Required

Polymorph Icehorn - Level 88 Required