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Krokotopia Badges

Krok Thrasher

Defeat 50 Krokotopians

Krok Hunter

Defeat 100 Krokotopians

Krok Slayer

Defeat 200 Krokotopians

Junior Archeologist

Complete Pyramid of the Sun

Krokosphinx Delver

Complete all Krokosphinx quests

Tomb Raider

Complete Tomb of Storms

(not including the Tomb of the Beguiler)

Order of the Fang

Complete all main quests in the Krokosphinx

Hero of Krokotopia

Defeat Krokopatra in the Tomb of Storms

Master of the Oasis

Complete all Krokotopia's main and side quests

Krokotopia Explorer

Complete the Zeke's Beetles quest

Secret Shopper

Enter The Secret Shop in The Oasis 5 Times

Mander Savior

Defeat Nzogi the Beguiler in the Tomb of Storms

Spider Squisher

Defeat 50 Spiders

Web Cutter

Defeat 100 Spiders

Chitin Crusher

Defeat 200 Spiders


Defeat 500 Spiders