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Khrysalis Iron Butterflies

Zeke is in Part 2 too! He needs for you to find Iron Butterflies in the new areas. Once you are able to unlock the gates to the gardens of Troika Palace in Sardonyx, you will be able to speak with him and pick up the quest. This quest gives you a training point as always.

Crescent Beach

Enter Skull Rock and stay to your right and you will find it sitting on the top of a barrel.

Ruined Alcazar

Take the Serpent Transporter that is in the middle of the area and you will find it hiding behind the Serpent Tower.


When you are able to unlock the gates to the gardens of Troika Palace, you can get the Iron Butterly there. It is just across from Zeke on the other side on a fence.

Kondha Desert

This one is pretty easy. When you enter, just go right and it's right there 

The Hive

This one is extremely complicated due to the complex paths, ladders and areas. When you enter the Hive, you will have to first climb down a ladder. Then you have to go through a battlefield of Albino Lashers. You don't have to fight them, but just make sure that you don't get pulled as you walk pass them. Do not go up the ramps on either side of the Lashers, Go directly in their area. Then you will see Delving Goliaths as you pass through a small tunnel, then again pass them without being pulled. I suggest that you stick to the right wall because you will see a big opening on your right after you pass the Delving Goliaths. Once you see the opening on  your right, go in there. You will see a huge web with a spinning line of web. Go to the very back of the room and you will find it in the small area there.