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Khrysalis Badges

Bee Swatter

Defeat 50 Bees

Bee Stinger

Defeat 100 Bees

Hive Master

Defeat 200 Bees

Council of Light Adherent

Complete the "Diamond Forge" quest in Isle of Arachnis

Initiate Shadowmancer

Complete the "Shadow Dancer" in Eclipse Tower, Moon Cliffs

Centipede Impeder

Defeat 50 Millipedes

Hundred Legger Breaker

Defeat 100 Scorpions

Centipede Stalker

Defeat 200 Scorpions

Scorpion Squisher

Defeat 50 Scorpions

Scorpion Stinger

Defeat 100 Scorpions

Scourge of the Scorpions

Defeat 200 Scorpions

The Exterminator

Defeat 200 Bees, Millipedes and Scorpions

Khrysalis Explorer

Complete Zeke's Cricket quest in Khrysalis Part 1

Harbinger of Light

Complete the "Edge of Forever" quest from Magalia Spiritcaller in Fort Rachias


Defeat 50 Spider Mages

Umbra Slayer

Defeat 100 Spider Mages

Bane of the Arachna

Defeat 200 Spider Mages

Mantis Tamer

Defeat 50 Mantises

Fifth Column Seer

Defeat 100 Mantises

Last Rites

Defeat 200 Mantises


Complete the Doom Tree quest in Shadow Palace