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Guide to Khrysalis Orbs

When you arrive in Khrysalis, speak to Zaltanna the Mirrormask who will waiting near the entrance. He will have a quest for you called the "Shadows of History." Once you pick up all of the orbs that he requested you to do, he will give you another quest, "Shades of Shadow", to talk to a NPC and place those orbs in an orb holding room. Once that is completed, you will receive a Training Point.

Crescent Beach

When you fight Stieg Quicksand in his cave, it's far behind him on the left in a pool of water

Ruined Alcazar

When you arrive, it is to your far north, just run around through the halls until you arrive at that side. It's hiding behind a small mound.

Radiance Reborn

When you enter, it's on your left, just go around through the halls.


It's inside Patron Gate where the Lost Prayers is also located. When you enter, the orb will be to your far right near the chairs.

Kondha Desert

It's easy to find. It's in the back of the Balance room of the Solar Arc building.

Shadow Palace

When you enter Shadow Place, it's the first portal on your right, the Spirit Plane. It cannot be missed. It's right next to Moros the giant big tree.

The End of the Quest

*Warning, this is a Spoiler*

This video will show you what happens when you collect the orbs and bring them to an orb holding room.

It will tell you more details that you weren't aware of in the story. You will understand that there's a connection between Old Cob and Grandfather Spider.

It will make you think about how things really started and what it means for the future.