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The Jewel Vendors

Level of Jewel Mini-Guide:

Level 15+ - Cracked

Level 25+ - Chipped

Level 35+ - Flawed

Level 45+ - Blemished

Level 55+ - Dull

Level 65+ - Plain

Level 75+ - Opaque

Level 85+ - Clear

Level 95+ - Polished

Level 105+ - Lustrous

Shape of Jewel Mini-Guide:

Triangle -

Spell Cards. General and School Accuracy and Pip Chance (percent amount)

Circle -

Offensive Stats like School Critical, School Damage (flat amount).

Outgoing Heal (percent amount)

Square -

Defensive Stats like General Block, School Resist, School Block (flat amount).

Increase Base Healing & Stun Resistance (percent amount)

Boost Critical Block (percent amount)

Teardrop -

Fishing Luck (percent amount)

Health, Mana and Energy (flat amount)

Color of Jewel Mini-Guide:

Amethyst - Storm

Peridot - Fire

Jade - Life

Sapphire - Ice

Ruby -  Fire

Onyx - Death

Citrine - Balance

Opal - Any

Hemalite - Shadow

Wizard City

Katherine Rockhammer

Socketing Shop, Shopping District

Sells Level 15+ Jewels:

+3 Defense Square Jewels

+1 Damage Circle Jewels

+3 Mana Teardrop Opal

+5 Health Teardrop Opal

Level 15+ Jewel Recipes:

Random Opal Health/Mana Jewel



Crustacean Empire

Sells Level 55+ Jewels:

+2 Blocking Square Jewels

+2 Critical Circle Jewels

Sells Level 35-55+ Jewel Recipes:

Random School Jewels


Marwa Jadetusk

Baobab Market

Sells Level 45-65+ Jewel Recipes:

Random School Jewels


Wozina the Edgecutter


Sells Level 75-95+ Jewel Recipes:

Random School Jewels