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Shadow Enhanced Utility Spells

We already have shadow enhanced damage spells, so why not up the ante and add utility spells on top of that? 

Shadow enhanced utility spells are different from utility spells for these reasons

  • Remember that these are ideas, not real spells!
    • These spells will cost one Shadow Pip
    • These spells will be out of others controls, they are unstoppable, and unable to be manipulated by other utility spells (such as Steals and Disarms)
    • They will pertain mainly to the things that shines most with that school (Fire and DoTs, Ice with Defense, etc)

Pretty cool right? Confusing? Yes and yes. Below is an explanation on what each spell does, and its uses for maximum potential.

Powder Keg

Description: Doubles damage on next tick damage to target, and that damage will spread to enemies adjacent to the target, but will only do x1 damage.

Scenario: You cast Burning Rampage, which with blades and damage, will do 200 then 1000 damage after 2 rounds to your target, who in this case, is on circle B out of circles A, B, C, and D. You then cast Powder Keg the next round. Once the damage round comes up for Burning Rampage (the second round after rampage was casted), the Keg will ignite and cause the tick to deal 2000 damage onto your target instead (the double damage, or +100% next tick to target) , and the damage will spread to enemies A and (the ones next to the target), dealing 1000 damage to them (the 1x).

The Keg will last forever until a tick damage (DoT) causes it to trigger. There is a risk to this, as if you try to use a Fire Elf after using a Rampage, the keg will only be "ignited" and amplify the damage from the elf since it was the last DoT casted. 

Frozen Heart

Description: 500 initial heal, and 250 healing per round plus a 1000 absorb onto the target. The healing per round will end when the absorb is broken.

Scenario: You cast Frozen heart, which will start off with a 500 heal, and cause a wall of ice (not a ward) to appear around you, protecting you from 1000 damage as stated on the card, and the wall will heal the target for 250 for each round the wall stays active. Once the wall absorbs 1000 damage, the wall will be broken and the healing will end.

The wall will be the first thing that counts when taking damage (after resist, and reduction), then your shields, auras, and regular ward absorbs will be taken accounted for. You cannot stack Frozen Heart onto another Heart. This spell can be exceptionally strong as an ice wizard can cast this onto their hammer, and the ice can taunt enemies to take aggro, whilst the hammer is getting a consistent heal every round, with a damage absorber on top of that as insurance. Being ice's first heal, it fits the bill with defense.

Thunder Surge

Description: Deal an additional 50% from outgoing damage spells to target (or targets) depending on the damage spell casted for 2 rounds (self only)

Scenario: When casting Thunder Surge, a cloud of bolt and lightning will appear around the wizard, lasting for 2 rounds. When the storm wizard casts an outgoing damage spell, in this case, Rusalka's Wrath, the enemy target will take say 2500 storm damage. The surge will react to that, and a bolt of lightning will strike that same target with 1250 additional damage (half of the Rusalka) as well during that same sequence; the wizard will have one Surge left to use as they only have one round left on the spell effect. If the Wizard does not use an attack spell whilst the Surge is active, a surge will go away, also indicating you have one round left. This spell only lasts for 2 rounds, it does not count for any 2 rounds at any succession of damage, you MUST use 2 damage spells in a row to take it into full effect. This spell will work on AoEs as well. If the wizard uses Glowbug Squall, and it deals 2000 to all enemies, the surge will react, and deal an additional 1000 damage EACH to all targets since Squall is an AoE.

This spell will take the damage value of a damage spell AFTER buffs and debuffs, NOT the base damage

This spell will add more power to the powerhouse that are Storm Wizards. The risk here is the shadow pip cost, and that you have 2 rounds to react to use this spell at its fullest potential, but during those 2 rounds, you are also vulnerable to anything.

Gorgon's Gaze

Description: All outgoing damage spells will also STUN the target. If the outgoing damage spell is a stun spell, it will add an extra round to the stun spell. The user will also gain total Stun immunity. This effect lasts 2 rounds. Self only

Scenario: When casting Gorgon's Gaze, this will amplify all damage spells to apply a stun to your targets or add an additional round to a spell that has a stun effect. Humongofrog will stun all enemies for 1 round, or Basilisk will stun for 2 rounds (or worse, Medusa will stun for 3 rounds). These stuns will count towards only one stun block, which can easily counter this spell. If left open for a stun, this can lead to deadly combos from Myth Wizards.

This spell will add massive combos to myth wizards. Stun shield, Stun resist & Conviction may be common in both PvP, and PvE, but one stun with the Gaze effect active will lead to potentially deadly combos. This effect will only last for 2 rounds, so use those rounds wisely! (As scary as it sounds, you can potentially stun someone for 6 rounds).

Cleansing Spirit

Description: When casted, this will randomly choose to remove all negative charms (weaknesses and dispels), all negative wards (traps), or all damage overtimes to all allies for 3 rounds. The effect persists, and will cause all allies including yourself to be immune from the 3.

Scenario: When the Cleansing Spirit is casted and will choose between the 3 effects, in this case, it chose negative charms. It will remove all negative charms from all allies, and prevent anymore negative charms from being placed before their turn for 3 rounds. Say the allies affected by the Spirit are second, and the opponents from first cast a Dispel. Before the next person's turn, the spirit will react and instantly remove the Dispel before the target affected by the once placed dispel has their turn.

This spell is exceptionally good as it can prevent your team from having traps, weaknesses, or powerful DoTs being placed. It has its random factor, but can lead to massive turnarounds in combat.

Undying Spirit

Description: The wizard is immune from defeat, and will retain 100 health if an incoming damage spell were to actually finish them off in combat, however they will have -65% incoming healing. All of the effects last for 3 rounds and is self cast only.

Scenario: A death wizard is at 500 health but is first turn. He casts the Undying Spirit and will be immune to defeat. The wizard they are facing casted an attack spell that round that would've done 1250 damage; instead of the death wizard dying from the attack as 1250 > 500, they would go down to just 100 health, as they're immune to defeat, and cannot take anymore damage from spells that would other put them below 100 health. They may have decreased incoming healing, but a death wizard's true shine is steal health damage spells. They can use these spells to bring themselves back up and turn the tables to their favor.

This spell, when casted at the right time, may, or will, lead to some massive game changers. The drawback is that if you cast this spell at full health, and unless for 3 rounds you get hit by damage spells that would otherwise finish you off, this spell would be useless. It's best to use it when you're at low HP. Timing its cast correctly is key.

Stacked Deck

Description: Increases you or an ally's hand size to 11 instead of the normal 7, and allow them to continuously draw and discard treasure cards during the same round. The effect lasts for 4 rounds.

Scenario: When casting Stacked Deck onto yourself, your hand size will increase from 7 to 11, allowing you to draw more cards than normal, and you'll be able to draw treasure cards as you please, and discard any as you please, vice versa. Normally when you draw a treasure card, you cannot discard the drawn treasure card during that same round, Stacked Deck will remove that restriction. When the spell effect ends, 4 spells will be placed back into your hand to be drawn as the battle progresses.

This spell has card manipulating utility, something that has yet to be experimented with within Wizard101. This can lead to bigger hands, and easier plays to be made with extra control of your spell deck & spell hand.