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Shadow Enhanced Rank 7 Spells 

With Mirage on the horizon, Rank 7 Shadow enhanced spells could be on the way. Here's an idea on what they could look like

  • Remember that these are ideas, not real spells!
    • These spells will cost Seven pips one Shadow Pip
    • You will learn these from your scholar at level 118
    • Some have new and unique mechanics that have yet to be used in Wizard101

New spells, new effects, new mechanics all around

Desert Lion

Description: +200 flat damage next outgoing spell to all allies and 1395 Fire Damage to target, and -500 flat damage to the target

A modified Efreet with an added effect similar to the sun enchant spells

Crystal Arrow

Description: 150 Ice Damage with each arrow, hits random targets with arrows, up to 10 times, each arrow can apply a negative effect to targets. Each arrow can either Stun, apply a weakness, black mantle, infection or even a dispel, up to two effects per target.

Each arrow could hit any target and apply random effects

Iron Sultan

Description: +25% all Storm damage spells (Global) and 1377 storm damage to all enemies, and -25% to -65% accuracy debuff to all enemies

Wild Growth

Description: +20% bonus health to all allies for 4 rounds and 1275 heal to all allies

Your allies will gain bonus health and heal. Say you have 5000 health, when you cast this spell, you'll have 6000 for 4 rounds.

Death's Requiem

Description: 1271 death damage to all enemies and reduce all target's maximum health to just 85% of their maximum health, applies once.

Say you attack someone with this spell that has 5000 HP max. You'll damage him and his maximum health will be reduced to 4250 for the duration of the battle.

Lens of Truth

Description: 386 and 1096 Myth damage to all enemies, and reduce all of their current shields and blades by 45%

Magic Hour

Description: 250+1350 Balance damage over 3 rounds and apply a random dispel per round (includes star sun moon and shadow dispel) over 3 rounds while the DoT is active