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Shadow Enhanced Rank 7 Spells 

With a new world in the works, Rank 7 Shadow enhanced spells could be on the way. Here's an idea on what they could look like

  • Remember that these are ideas, not real spells!
    • These spells will cost Seven pips one Shadow Pip
    • You will learn these from your scholar at level 118
    • Some have new and unique mechanics that have yet to be used in Wizard101

New spells, new effects, new mechanics all around

Cosmic Radiance

Description: 885 Sun damage and 1125 Fire damage over 3 rounds to your selected target. It will then cast a massive +45% Wyldfire global. 

This spell has a big initial hit that will be hard to block and resist against, and then apply a big damage overtime to your selected target. On top of that you will cast a +45% Wyldfire global to the playfield, adding more damage to your future fire spells.

Winter Titan

Description: 1225-1475 Ice damage, and convert half of the damage into an Absorb to the caster

You'll hit your target with a massive hit of ice, and half of the damage you deal will be converted into an Absorb armor for yourself

Say you hit your target for 2500 damage, you will get an Ice absorb of 1250

Imagine hitting 25,000 ice damage, and getting a 12,500 absorb?!

Raging Typhoon

Description: 355+1542 Storm damage and Disarm 1 positive blade per round over 3 rounds to all enemies

This is storm's first trainable DoT that has big damage potential and is also an Aoe. For every round the DoT is active, your opponents will lose a positive blade per turn, along with getting hit by the tick damage.

Duplum Infernius

Description: 425 and 1215 Myth damage to all enemies, lowers all active blades and shields by -25% and reduces the next outgoing BLADE or WARD spell by -25% as well

Basically an AoE Orthrus with big damage, and weakens all of your opponents blades and shields by 25%, AND will also place a charm on them that causes their next outgoing BLADE or WARD to subtract by 25%

Say you were to get hit by this spell and you have two Tower Shield, and a +40% Iceblade. This will deal damage to you, and cause your second Tower Shield to be -25%, and your iceblade to be +15% outgoing ice damage. This will also place a charm on you that will cause your next outgoing BLADE or WARD spell to subtract by 25%.

Forest Guardian

Description: 1425 Healing, Absorb 650 incoming damage or steal health spell, and +90% Accuracy to all friends

It's been awhile since Life had gotten their last major healing spell, Rebirth. This spell is a massive heal for yourself and your allies, grant a special absorb that blocks a good amount of damage, but can also block steal health spells, such as Wraith, Scarecrow, etc. You will then give your friends a charm that will cause their next spell to have +90% accuracy. This spell is perfect for Life wizards that are supporting their teammates, and are still able to use their shadow pips at their disposal. 

Touch of the Crypt

Description: 1315 Steal health damage, and convert 70% of damage into healing for the caster, and -65% Weakness & healing to the target

This spell is a big damage nuke that not only deals a great amount of damage, but heals the caster for a much higher amount than normal steal health spells, and reduces your target's healing, and damage.

Chromatic Yawn

Description: 1495 random school damage (can also hit for Star, Sun, Moon, or Shadow) and places a Dispel from 1 Elemental School, 1 Spirit School, and Balance to target

The mystery of the outgoing damage is unpredictable, which can throw your opponents off if they try to protect from something else. The dispels will add extra effect, as it can dispel from one of the 3 schools of Elemental, and Spirit, then place a balance dispel on top of that.

Example: It can hit for 1495 Star damage, and Dispel your target from using one Ice, Myth, and Balance spell.