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CONCEPT 11/29/2016
Holiday themed spells

 Imagine if the holidays had spells? We already have Headless Horseman, but what about the others? Here are a few ideas below

Fire - Lion Dancers - [Holiday: Lunar New Year]
Ice - Winter's Sorceress - [Holiday: Christmas]
Storm - Love Tap - [Holiday: Valentines Day]
Life - End o' the Rainbow [Holiday: St. Patrick's Day]
Death - Headless Horseman [Holiday: Halloween]
Myth - Gobbler Rampage [Holiday: Thanksgiving]
Balance - Easter Fury - [Holiday: Easter]

How to obtain

You can obtain recipes which can be bought by holiday vendors for crowns, or dropped by any boss that drops holiday items. Ex: During Christmas, you can farm Nightshade to obtain the Winter Sorceress recipe.

Then to craft the spell, not only will you need 12 amber, but you'll also need 12 "Seasoning" reagents, which are also dropped by Holiday bosses. The higher rank the boss, the more likely they'll drop.

You can even farm Loremaster for a chance at getting the spells themselves, of course the chances of that happening are lower than obtaining the recipes.