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Guide to Wizard City's Cheating Bosses

Name:Angrus Hollowsoul
Location:Briskbreeze Tower; Colossus Blvd
Cheats:The minion will use an 10,000 Meteor once it has 4 pips and once killed, it can be respawned by the boss. 
Solutions:Fire Dispel the minion or keep killing it off quick. My choice would be Fire Dispels then kill both off at once
Name:Orrick NIghtglider
Location:Briskbreeze Tower; Colossus Blvd
Cheats:The boss will remove single traps and prisms. He casts Meteors and Heck Hounds. Between 2-4k health, he will start casting -90% Tower Shields. Once his health is below 2000, he casts Earthquake and stops casting -90% Tower Shields but will remove traps.
Solutions:Pack in Fire Shields. Keep Quenching him, make sure there's a lot on him to keep him fizzling. Make a big kill at once with a lot of blades both regular and tcs. Be warned if you make a 2k hit, he will immediately put up a Tower. You can use Pierce, Steal ward, Shatter to remove the Tower.
Location:Waterworks; Crab Alley, Triton Ave
Cheats:He will ink the first person right away then inks the others one by one when his health drops. He will destroy all traps on himself and all shields on you then attack you with a boosted Power Link and a boosted Bone Dragon if you try to Trap including Prisms, Weakness/Black Mantle or use a single attack. 
Solutions:Keep Life in the last spot since that spot doesn't get inked with Triage packed in the deck. Then third spot should be the main hitter who only uses AOE spells. Although Fire can use Efreet which places -90% Negative on the boss. If you want traps on the boss, whoever is inked should Myth Dispel him first to stop him from removing the traps and once it's on, trap him with what you got. Stack up the Regular/TC/Pet/Amulet Feints. Then blade up and attack. Have Triage ready for any punishment for placing a trap. For Storm wizards, use Supercharge. For Fire, use Backdraft.


Name:Sylster Glowstorm
Location:Waterworks; Crab Alley, Triton Ave
Cheats:Sylster loves bubbles. He will cast a Light bubble that allows you to place traps for 3 rounds before the bubble is changed, but blades are NOT allowed. Then second round will be Dark bubble that allows you to blade up for 4 rounds, but no traps allowed. Then back again to Light. At the end of the bubble, if you have any traps or blades remaining, Slyster will remove them then cast a new bubble. So count off the rounds carefully so you don't waste any traps or blades. If you attack without a trap or blade on, you will get attacked hard with a Scarecrow and a boosted Power Ra.

AOE spells won't get you in trouble so use those. Don't forget to shield up. Especially against Death. The Death minion is really bad that he should go first. Work together as a team and help each other either blade up or trap, so somebody makes a big hit. Make sure Life has plenty of healing as well as everyone else just in case Life gets killed by accident. Keep a small deck of what you need the most and pack the TCs with Healing, Blade TCs, Traps TCs. If you want to keep traps on, use Myth Dispel then don't shield. Otherwise he'll use up the Myth Dispel trying to remove your shield. If you want to keep blades on, use Storm dispel, but don't keep blading up or place charms/dispels on him. Otherwise he'll try to remove your blades. Dispel him in the round when he will change the bubble. If you want to change the bubble, use Death Dispel. Even though you casted a bubble and it didn't change colors, it's still there.


The Simple, Short Plan: have the main hitter get his spells ready and the team blades him up with Regular/TC blades. Then cast a Storm Dispel on Luska when he's about to change the bubble to prevent him from removing the blades, then put Amu/TC/Regular/Pet Feints on the boss and attack!


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