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Guide to Mossback Quests

The Mossback/WaveBringer/Oakheart Quests

You must complete those quests in this order to get to Oakheart in the Jade Palace. And if you can't get into certain special places in MooShu for instance, Crazed Forest Spirit's house in Ancient Burial Grounds. This is why. You didn't complete the entire side storyline quest. You have to go back to the beginning and check each Mossback or Wavebringer or Oakheart to see which quest you are missing. Then from there, do the list in order. 


Cave of Solitude

1. I'm Cursed

2. Rock On

Kishibe Village

1. Wear Your Gloves 

Shirataki Temple

1. I'm Cured!

Ancient Burial Grounds

1. Distressed Earth

2. Forest Foray 


Village of Sorrow

1. Tained Forest

2. Forest Spirit


Tree of Life

1. The Great Forest

2. Everlasting Forest

"Everlasting Forest" Quest will give you access to Oakheart/Wavebringer/Mossback in a secret house in Jade Palace! 


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