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Guide to History Books Quest

Need to find a history book? Here are the book locations for them. Good Luck!

Wizard City's History Books

Wizard City's "History of Magic" Book Locations

  • Unicorn Way - Lady Blackhope's Tower.
  • Cyclops Lane - General Akillies's Tower.
  • Triton Avenue - Harvest Lord's Tower.
  • Firecat Alley - Prince Allicane Swiftarrow's Fireglobe Theater.
  • Colossus Boulevard - Prince Gobblestone's Castle.
  • Haunted Cave - Lord Nightshade's Tower.


 Krokotopia has no book quests at all.

Marleybone's History Books

Marleybone's "History of Marleybone" Book Locations

  • Hyde Park - In the tower of the Gearhead Destroyers.
  • Chelsea Court - With Potbelly.
  • Ironworks - The final fight with Pops O' Leary.
  • Newgate Prison - The last fight with the Agony Wraith.
  • Knight's Court - Knight's tower.
  • Katzenstein's Lab - The last fight with Dr. Katzenstein at the end of the dungeon.
  • Big Ben - In the room of the final battle with Meowarity at the end of the dungeon.

Mooshu's History Books

Mooshu's "History of MooShu" Book Locations

Be warned that Volume 2 does not even exist. 

  • Hametsu Village - Do-Daga's Dojo.
  • Crimson Fields - In the final battle with the War Oni.
  • Kishibe Village - In the Shrine of the Spirits.
  • Shirataki Temple - In the final battle with Plague Oni at the end of the dungeon.
  • Village of Sorrow -  The battle with Fushiko.
  • Tree of Life - When you go in the Spirit World where the Death Spirit is.
  • Jade Palace - Jade Palace building where Jade Oni is.

Dragonspyre's History Books

Dragonspyre's "History of Dragonspyre" Book Locations

  • The Tower Archives - Zarathax's tower.
  • Plaza of Conquests - General Greystone's tower.
  • The Grand Chasm - Everburn's tower.
  • The Drake Hatchery - Giant Homunculus's tower.
  • The Labyrinth - Property Master's tower.
  • The Crystal Grove - Chronius's tower.
  • The Great Spyre - It's where the Lavalings are in the Path of Scales along the back cliff wall.

Grizzleheim's History Books

Grizzleheim's "History of Grizzleheim" Book Locations

  • Northguard - Once you finish the first three areas of Grizzleheim, you can enter the castle in the middle of the Northguard. It's located there.
  • Savarstaad Pass - You can find this near Skellek.
  • Frostholm - The location of Ivar Andersson
  • Mirkholm Keep - Wolf Palace
  • Winterdeep Warren - Near the final fight.
  • Hall of Valor - The final battle with Jotun at the end of the Dungeon.
  • Ravenscar - Raven's Fortress.

Celestia's Tomes

Celestia's "Press Pass" Zodiac Tome Locations

Some areas have two tomes in the same place. You can pick one of the two.

I do not know why there's two tomes for some areas. It can be very confusing.

  • Survey Base Camp - Base Camp, With the Optio Agenor boss.
  • Survey Base Camp - Base Camp, The Grotto - It's near the transporter stones *OR* Survey Base Camp; - Base Camp - The Grotto - Coral Castle
  • District of the Stars - Starkwave's Cave *OR* District of the Stars; The Stelliarium - Selwyn Skywatcher's room
  • The Floating Land - Bristleclaw's Cave.
  • Stormriven - The Ossuary, Karolak Nightspinner.
  • Stormriven Hall Castle -  Tempus Stormfist.
  • Moon Portal - Lunarium Castle.
  • Science Center - Maglump.
  • Crab Empire - Calypso.

Wysteria's Papers

Wysteria's "Pigswick Papers" Book Locations

"The Secret History" Quest Given By Hugo Chatterly,

Wysteria Library

  • Pegasus Place - Crystal Tower
  • Pigswick Academy - Tournament Hall
  • Pigswick Academy - Library Archives
  • Tanglewood Way - Lord Bramble's Tower

Zafaria's Art History

"Art History" Quest Given By Kiliman Copperleaf;

the Library in Baobab Crown

  • Baobab Crown - Library on the back wall of a room with a stone bonfire.
  • Savannah - Alcove near Thornpaw Village between the Zebras and the Lionesses when you first come in the area.
  • Savannah - on the outside wall of Nemean Rock next to its door on the left.
  • Waterfront - Stone Town Library on the wall behind the Akkadian Stone.
  • Drum Jungle - on the wall behind the waterfall next to a cave after coming up a ramp.

Wintertusk's Runes

Avalon's Scrolls

Avalon's Tapestries

Azteca's Tzolk'in Stones

Khrysalis Orbs