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Guide To Dropped Hairstyles

Wanna one of those 'dos from the Crown Shop? Here is what is available and where they're dropped. 

The Martlet

Location: Blue Bart, Crustacean Empire, Celestia


The Kestrel

Location: King Amadeo, Crab Alley, Triton Avenue


The Swan

Location: Smogger, Katzenstein's Lab, Marleybone 

The Housemartin

Location: Guillermo Shatterer, Ruined Mine, Cenote, Azteca


The Owl

Location: Yeva Spiderkeeper, Yeva Spiderkeeper's Tower, Crystal Grove, Dragonspyre

The Rumba

Location: Chronius, Chronius' Tower, Crystal Grove, Dragonspyre Academy, Dragonspyre

The Swing

Location: Nirini Quartermaster, Chamber of Fire, Pyramid of Fire, Krokotopia

*Male Version has a small ponytail*

The Cha-Cha

Location: Crystal Tower, Pegasus Place, Wysteria

The Foxtrot

Location: Black Knight, Tower of Belle Regard, Dun Dara, Avalon

The Tango

Location: Otomo Quartermaster, Tatakai Outpost, Hametsu Village, Mooshu

The Open Sesame


-Ghalak Poisonthorn, Ghalak Poisonthorn's Tent, Last Wood, Khrysalis

-Mago Deathshead, Hidden Cave, Moon Cliffs, Khrysalis

The Presto Chango


Shadow of the Land, Eclipse Tower, Moon Cliffs, Khrysalis

The Abracadabra


-Shadow of the Land, Eclipse Tower, Moon Cliffs, Khrysalis

-Sofia Darkside, Eclipse Tower, Moon Cliffs, Khrysalis

-Morganthe, Shadow Palace, Khrysalis (Needs Confirmation)

The Hocus Pocus

Location: Quartermaster Rackum, Horned Barracks, Fort Rachias

The Rabbit in My Hat


-Belosto Toebiter, Water Cavern, Moon Cliffs, Khrysalis

-Tamulus, The Palace of Fangs, The Hive, Khrysalis

-Morganthe, Shadow Palace, Khrysalis (Needs Confirmation)

The Taffy

Location: Dhakir Bloodthorn; Dhakir Bloodthorn's Tomb, Elephant Graveyard, Zafaria


The Gumdrop

Location: Skurkis Screaming Moon, Xibalba, Twin Giants, Azteca

The Licorice

Location: Balor, Soothsayer Gate, Sardonyx

The Rock Candy

Location: Lord of the Brocken, The Lost Abbey, The Wyrd, Avalon


The Peppermint

Location: Atlach-Leng; Abyssal Cave, Tyrian Gorge, Khrysalis