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Guide To Pet Talents

Pet Boosted Talents

Adroit (+15 Max Strength, +25 Max Intelligence)

Astute (+50 Max Intelligence)
Attentive (+15 Max Intelligence, +25 Max Will)

Best of Show (+40 Max Strength, +25 Intellect)

Brilliant (+65 Max Intellect)

Calculating (+25 Max Intelligence)
Canny (+40 Max Will)

Careful (+25 Max Will, +25 Max Power)

Cautious (+25 Max Strength, +40 Max Will)

Cheeky (+25 Max Power)

Courageous (+25 Max Agility, +25 Max Power)

Crafty (+50 Max Will)

Cunning (25 Max Intellect, +40 Max Agility)

Dashing (+25 Max Strength, +25 Max Power)

Dependable (+25 Max Strength, +15 Max Will)

Determined (+15 Max Strength, +25 Max Agility)

Dogged (+25 Max Agility)

Durable (+50 Max Agility)

Eager (+40 Max Power)
Early Bird (+40 Max Agility, +25 Max Will)
Effective (+25 Max Intelligence, +15 Max Agility)
Effervescent (+25 Max Strength, +15 Max Power)
Efficient (+25 Max Intelligence, +25 Max Agility)
Forceful (+15 Max Will, +25 Max Power)
Gifted (+25 Max Intelligence, +25 Max Power)
Hearty (+25 Max Strength)
Intrepid (+25 Max Agility, +15 Max Power)
Intuitive (+25 Max Intelligence, +25 Max Will)
Mighty (+65 Max Strength)
Quick-Witted (+15 Max Intelligence, +25 Max Power)
Perceptive (+45 Max Intellect, +25 Max Will)
Powerful (+65 Max Power)
Quick-Witted (+15 Max Intellect, +25 Max Power)
Relentless (+65 Max Agility)
Resourceful (+40 Max Intellect, +25 Max Power)
Rugged (+40 Max Strength)
Sharp (+40 Max Intelligence)
Spirited (+50 Max Power)
Stalwart (+25 Max Strength, +25 Max Intelligence)
Steadfast (+40 Max Agility)
Sturdy (+15 Max Agility, +25 Max Will) 

Tenacious (+50 Max Strength)

Thinkin' Cap (+65 Max Will)

Tireless (+25 Strength, +25 Agility)

Unshakeable (+40 Max Strength, +25 Agility)

Vigilant (+25 Max Strength, +25 Max Will)

Vigorous (+25 Max Strength, +40 Max Power)

Well-Trained (+25 Max Agility, +25 Max Will)

Wise (+25 Max Will) 

Healing Talents

Batusi (May Cast Lifebat)

Energizing Battery (May Cast Healing Current)

Fairy Friend (May Cast Fairy)

Spritely (May Cast Sprite)

Unicorn (May Cast Unicorn)

May Cast Talents

Ace Avenger (May Cast Vengeance)

Ardent Amplifier (May Cast Amplify)

Balanceblade (May Cast Balanceblade)

Batusi (May Cast Lifebat)

Berserker (May Cast Berserk)

Brazen Berserker (May Cast Berserk)

Cloud O'Bugs (May Cast Locust Swarm)

Cure Crusher (May Cast Infection)

Curse (May Cast Curse)

Deathblade (May Cast Death Blade)

Death Shield (May Cast Death Shield)

Death Trap (May Cast Death Trap)

Dragonblade (May Cast Dragonblade)
Drop It (May Cast Disarm)
Element Blade (May Cast Elemental Blade)
Energizing Battery (May Cast Healing Current)
Entangle (May Cast Entangle)
Evil Eye (May Cast Doom & Gloom)
Expert Empowerer (May Cast Empowerment)
Fairy Friend (May Cast Fairy)
Fearless Fortifier (May Cast Fortify)
Fireblade (May Cast Fire Blade)

Fire Shield (May Cast Fire Shield)

Firetrap (May Cast Fire Trap)

Freeze (May Cast Freeze)

Green Thumb (May Cast Santuary)

Guardian Wall (May Cast Tower Shield)

Hex (May Cast Hex)

Iceblade (May Cast Ice Blade)

Icetrap (May Cast Ice Trap)

Incredibly Infallible (May Cast Infallible)

Lifeblade (May Cast Life Blade)

Life Shield (May Cast Life Shield)

Life Trap (May Cast Life Trap)

Magnificent Mender (May Cast Mend)

Mythblade (May Cast Myth Blade)

Myth Shield (May Cast Myth Shield)

Mythtrap (May Cast Myth Trap)

Pierce Train (May Cast Pierce)

Plague (May Cast Plague)

Power Up (May Cast Power Play)

Pyromania (May Cast Wyldfire)

Quench (May Cast Quench)

Smoke Screen (May Cast Smoke Screen)

Snow’N Tell (May Cast Snow Serpent) 
Snow Heal For You! (May Cast Snow Drift)

Snow Shield (May Cast Ice Shield)

Spritely (May Cast Sprite)

Steal Charm (May Cast Steal Charm)

Steal Ward (May Cast Steal Ward)

Stormblade (May Cast Storm Blade)

Storm Shield (May Cast Storm Shield)

Stormtrap (May Cast Storm Trap)

Strangle (May Cast Strangle)

Stun (May Cast Stun)

Taunt (May Cast Taunt)

Unbalance (May Cast Unbalance)

Unicorn (May Cast Unicorn)

Vehement Vanquisher (May Cast Conviction)

Weakness (May Cast Weakness)

Windstorm (May Cast Windstorm)

General Character Boosted Talents

Add Health (+1 to +? Health) 

Armor Piercer (+1% to +?% Armor Piercing)

Blocker (+1 to +? Critical Block)

Critical Hitter (+1 to +? Critical)

Critical Striker (+1 to +? Critical)

Defender (+1 to +? Critical Block)

Extra Mana (+1 to +66 Mana)

Health Boost (+1 to +? Health)

Health Bounty (+X Max Health)

Health Gift (+X Max Health)

Healthy (+1% to +?% Incoming Heal)

Lively (+1% to +?% Incoming Heal)

Mana Boost (+1 to +47 Mana)

Mana Bounty (+1 to +? Mana)

Mana Gift (+X Max Mana)

Medic (+1% to +?% Outgoing Heal)

Pip Boost (+5% Power Pip Chance)

Pain-Bringer (+1% to +4% Damage)

Pain-Giver (+1% to +8% Damage)

Pip O’Plenty (+X% Power Pip Chance)

Powerful (+65 Max Power)

Sharp-Eye (+X% Universal Accuracy)

Spell-Defying (+X% Universal Resist)

Spell-Proof (+X% Universal Resist) 

Stun Recalcitrant (+1% to +8% Stun Resistance)

Stun Resistant (+1% to +?% Stun Resistance)

School Character Boosting Talents

Add Balance (+1% to +8% Balance Damage)

Balance-Dealer (+1% to +12% Balance Damage)

Balance It (+1% to +8% Balance Accuracy)

Balance Sniper  (+1% to +12% Accuracy)

Balance-Ward (+1% to +10% Balance Resistance)

Death-Proof (+1% to +13% Death Resistance)

Death-Ward (+1% to +20% Death Resistance)

Death-Boon (+1% to +?% Death Damage)

Death-Dealer (+1% to +12% Death Damage)

Death-Giver  (+1% to +8% Death Damage)

Death-Shot (+1% to +8% Death Accuracy)

Death-Sniper (+1% to +12% Death Accuracy)

Death Striker (+1 to +? Death Critical)

Fire-Away  (+1% to +7% Fire Resistance)

Fire-Proof (+1% to +13% Fire Resistance)

Fire-Ward (+1% to +20% Fire Resistance)

Fire-Boon (+1% to +?% Fire Damage)

Fire-Dealer (+1% to +12% Fire Damage)

Fire-Eye (+1% to +?% Fire Accuracy)

Fire-Giver  (+1% to +8% Fire Damage)

Fire-Shot (+1% to +8% Fire Accuracy)

Fire-Sniper (+1% to +12% Fire Accuracy)

Ice-Away  (+1% to +7% Ice Resistance)

Ice-Proof (+1% to +13% Ice Resistance)

Ice-Ward (+1% to +20% Ice Resistance)

Ice-Boon (+1% to +?% Ice Damage)

Ice-Dealer (+1% to +12% Ice Damage)

Ice-Giver  (+1% to +8% Ice Damage)

Ice-Eye (+1% to +?% Ice Accuracy)

Ice-Shot (+1% to +8% Ice Accuracy)

Ice-Sniper (+1% to +12% Ice Accuracy)

Ice Striker (+1 to +? Ice Critical)

Life-Away  (+1% to +7% Life Resistance)

Life-Proof (+1% to +13% Life Resistance)

Life-Ward (+1% to +20% Life Resistance)

Life-Boon (+1% to +?% Life Damage)

Life-Dealer (+1% to +12% Life Damage)

Life-Giver  (+1% to +8% Life Damage)

Life-Eye (+1% to +?% Life Accuracy)

Life-Shot (+1% to +8% Life Accuracy)

Life-Sniper (+1% to +12% Life Accuracy)

Life Striker (+1 to +? Life Critical) 

Myth-Away  (+1% to +7% Myth Resistance)

Myth-Proof (+1% to +13% Myth Resistance)

Myth-Ward (+1% to +20% Myth Resistance)

Myth-Dealer (+1% to +12% Myth Damage)

Myth-Giver  (+1% to +8% Myth Damage)

Myth-Eye (+1% to +?% Myth Accuracy)

Myth-Shot (+1% to +8% Myth Accuracy)

Myth-Sniper (+1% to +12% Myth Accuracy)

Storm-Away  (+1% to +7% Storm Resistance)

Storm-Proof (+1% to +13% Storm Resistance)

Storm-Ward (+1% to +20% Storm Resistance)

Storm-Dealer (+1% to +12% Storm Damage)

Storm-Giver  (+1% to +8% Storm Damage)

Storm-Shot (+1% to +8% Storm Accuracy)

Storm-Sniper (+1% to +12% Storm Accuracy)

Storm Striker (+1 to +? Storm Critical)

Unbalancer (+1% to +13% Balance Resistance)

Card Talents

Bad Snowman (Gives 1 Evil Snowman Card)

Balanceblade (Gives 1 Balanceblade Card) 

Big Sparky (Gives 1 Lightning Strike Card)

Black Widow (Gives 1 Black Widow Card)

Blade Flurry (Gives 1 Stormblade Card)

Blade of Fire  (Gives 1 Fireblade Card)

Blade of Ice (Gives 1 Iceblade Card)

Blade of Life (Gives 1 Lifeblade Card)

Blazing Oak (Gives 1 Wildfire Treant Card)

Boss Toad (Gives 1 Boss Toad Card)

Brown Recluse (Gives 1 Giant Spider Card)

Buff Minion (Gives 1 Buff Minion Card)

Buffheaded (Gives 1 Minotaur Card)

Button Tom (Gives 1 Muscled Cat Card)

Clock Spider (Gives 1 Clockwork Spider Card)

Conviction (Gives 1 Conviction Card)

Crystallize (Gives 1 Ice Armor Card)

Curse Giver (Gives 1 Curse Card)

Disarmament (Gives 1 Disarm Card)

Elf On Fire (Gives 1 Fire Elf Card)

Empowerment (Gives 1 Empowerment)

Feeling Weak (Gives 1 Weakness Card)

Feinting Spell (Gives 1 Feint Card)

Fortify (Gives 1 Fortify Card)

Gargantuan (Gives 1 Gargantuan Card) 

Get Sunbird (Gives 1 Sunbird Card)

Giant (Gives 1 Giant Card)

Go Humongo (Gives 1 Humonogofrog Card)

Grand Phoenix (Gives 1 Grand Phoenix Card)

Heart O'Pixie (Gives 1 Pixie Card)

Hexster (Gives 1 Hex Card)

Infector (Gives 1 Infection Card)

Mend Minion (Gives 1 Mend Minion Card)

Mulligan's Shuffle (Gives 1 Reshuffle Card)

No Pain, No Gain (Gives 1 Dark Pact Card)

Piercemonger (Gives 1 Pierce Card) 

Plaguebringer (Gives 1 Plague Card)

Power Player (Gives 1 Power Play Card)

Power-Taker (Gives 1 Take Power Card)

Pyrosaurus Rex (Gives 1 Firezilla Card)

Rage of Winter (Gives 1 Blizzard Card)

Screen (Gives 1 Smoke Screen Card)

Snowborn (Gives 1 Blizzard Card)

Spartan (Gives 1 Legion Shield Card)

Spirit Armor (Gives 1 Spirit Armor Card)

Sprite Time (Gives 1 Sprite Card)

Storm-Tooth (Gives 1 Storm Shark Card)

Stormclaw (Gives 1 Stormcat Card)

Strong (Gives 1 Strong Card)

The Deer Knight Rises (Gives 1 Deer Knight Card)

Thunder Lizard (Gives 1 Thunder Lizard Card)

Time Skip (Gives 1 Blinding Light Card)

Tower Shield (Gives 1 Tower Shield Card)

Unstoppable (Gives 1 Unstoppable Card)

Vengeance (Gives 1 Vengeance Card)

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