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Guide to Ancient Tomes

Welcome to our Ancient Tomes Guide. Here we will help you find free Tomes to train your Companions with.

If you find one that is not listed, please email the information and pictures if any to

Thank you very much!

Skull Island

Captain Gunn's House, Corsair's Cove, Skull Island Skyway

Hard to miss. It's right there when you enter in the hut.

Waponi Wu, Flotsam Skyway

When you arrive, you climb up the ladder, it's in one of the huts that's lined up closest to you on your right.

Officer's Quarters, The Presidio, Skull Island Skyway

Where the arrow is, that's where the door is that you need to enter. Once you enter, you will see a small jail, you will have to fight there. Then up the stairs into a upper large room where you will enounter the El Nebuloso boss fight. The tome is at back right near a tall plant vase, hard to miss it.

Mysterious Tunnels, Scurvy Dog Hideout, Tradewinds Skyway

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Lower Cells, Fort Elena, Port Royal Skyway

After you defeat Corporal Kregg, you go into the lower cells. The Tome is in a side room on your left, right after Mustang Sally's cell.


City Drains, Tierra Primata Skyway

Its behind a tent, so look carefully!

Cool Ranch

Watering Hole, Cooper's Roost

You gotta walk over a log on a river, work your legs up the cliff near the little house, climb climb up way up high and way in the back then circle back.

Castillo Sapo, Santo Pollo Skyway

It's next to a tree on bottom right of the map.

Gold Creek Lake, Gold Creek, Big Sky

It's the bottom of the Gold Creek Lake, near a wagon wheel

Arroyo Grande Web Cave, Arroyo Grande Skyway

The arrow is where the cave is. When you enter it, keep walking until you're in a dark cave wth webs, go to the back wall and follow the unblocked tunnel up until you see Mother Spider. The Tome is right behind it and don't worry, she doesn't bite!

McGee Ranch, Desolation Cyclone, Tumbleweed Skyway

It is behind the house in McGee Ranch. To get inside the fence enclosure, you have to do "A Good Deed, Indeed" given by Mark Clemens in Tumbleweed Tavern. It will lead to "Now Accepting Donations" then finally "Lies, Lies, They're All Lies!" which will grant you entrance.

Motherlode Mine, Haunted Skyway

Once you blow up the cave in, just keep walking until you find the first right entrance then it's right there on a crate.


Stationer's Shop, Hamamitsu Garden

Where the green arrow is, that's where the shop. Enter there and you will find it in the back of the shop, on the counter.

Tso Sanctum, Khotan, Khotan Skyway

After defeating the final boss with the chicken, go up the stairs to the top floor. It's on a table.

Cave of Shadows, Shadow Fortress, Subata Skyway

It will be in the very last fight of the dungeon. It's sitting on a crate on your left near a pile of gold.


Walkie's Hotel, Airedale Pier, Marleybone Skyway

It's on the upper floor and in a small room on the right after you enter the theater room. It's right on the card table.


Labyrinth, Knossos, Achaean Way

It's hidden in a dead end. Look at the map for your way through!


Crab Tunnels, Florenza, Calabria Skyway

Trigante Cellars, Audience Chamber, Calabria Skyway

The instance is inside the main building on the island.

When you enter the instance, it's in the room right of you, laying on a box.

The Great Machine, The Machine Docks, Calabria Skyway

The tome is right inside the Great Machine instance.

When you enter the instance, it's to the immediate right of you.