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Grand Tourney Gauntlet

Now from Walmart, you can purchase an awesome Avalon themed Gauntlet bundle for only $39! With this bundle, you get an incredibly cute squirrel in armor pet, an beautiful dashing jousting horse mount, and an Avalon Themed jousting gear complete with a Jousting Weapon!

Thank you Sierra RedShield for allowing us to take pictures of the gauntlet, pet, mount, gears and more!

The Grand Tourney Gauntlet

Four Tents, Four Battles, Four Times You Have To Prove Yourself!

How It Starts & Ends

I won't tell you how they go because you should see it for yourself. Be aware that they are pretty easy, even though they cheat. And with every battle, you could get hoard pack drops, jewels, pets, seeds and more.

When you finish the entire gauntlet. You get the "Blackthorn's Favorite" badge and a cool housing furniture, The Lady's Favor. You are able to get a Lady's Favor every time you run the gauntlet.

The Other Stuff In The Bundle

The pet, gears and even the mount are dyeable!

We will be adding more information on the pet's talent & derby pool once we get more information.

The Very Brave Squirerel Pet

Our Contributors:

We want to thank Iridian Willowglen for supplying us with the majority of this information.

Thank you to the following people for helping us fill in the talent and derby pool -

Iridian Willowglem, Tasha, Paige Moonshade, Sean Redhammer, Erin RosePetal, Destiny Rain

Thanks to Skelemystyk, visit his channel for helping out with filling out the pet's talent & derby pool.


We do need help with filling in this pet's talent and derby's pool. You can help us by being a contributor! If you want to be a contributor and you got a First Generation Squirerel pet, you can tweet @KelseyFireheart or email me at with your own photos of the pet's talent and derby talents in their slots. We will credit you for the information by listing your name here! Our only rules are that they have to be YOUR pet, has to be a First Generation Pet and the photos has to be YOURS. We do not accept information or pictures that you take off Google or anyone else's sites and blogs. If you can do that, you're all set. Thank you!

BOLD - Confirmed

Talents of the Squirerel
Derbies of the Squirerel
Extra Mana
Move It!
Stun Recalcitrant
No Passing
Add Health
Myth Assailant
Clear Path

The Level 100 Gear and Wand Set

The Jousting Gear

Level 0-90 Gear Sets

The Jousting Wand

Level 0-90 Wand Sets