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Gauntlet Badges

Master of Karate and Friendship

Complete the Midnight Sun Pagoda Gauntlet

Warrior of Winterbane

Complete the Winterbane Gauntlet

Spiral Cup Tutor

Complete the Spiral Cup Gauntlet

Grendel Slayer

For Defeating Grendels in the Winterbane Gauntlet

Rock Hero

For completing the Baddle of the Bands Gauntlet

Constant Gardener

For completing the Tanglewood Terror Gauntlet


Super Sleuth

Bone Rattler

Complete One Meowarity One Shot Duel

Complete Ten Meowarity One Shot Duels

Complete One Rattlebone One Shot Duel

Bone Grinder

Krokopatra's Bane

Krok Queen Quasher

Complete Ten Rattlebone One Shot Duels

Complete One Krokopatra One Shot Duel

Complete Ten Krokopatra One Shot Duels

Champion of the Sky

Immortal Conqueror

Complete One Zeus One Shot Duel

Complete Ten Zeus One Shot Duels